Web site was created in 2000 by a team of professionals who contributed their expertise and knowledge to the site in conjunction with members of the Company from around the globe.

In the new millennium, speedy communications and transmission of information were vital for today's businesses. Language barriers, lack of information and differences in business cultures were the major stumbling blocks for Western and Eastern companies wishing to implement business transactions.

Our major objective

In this web-site, we introduce facets of Chinese Culture such as Chinese Horoscope, Calligraphy, Feng Shui, Tea, Opera, Mahjong, Festivals, Abacus, Bonsai, as well as Arts & Crafts, Alternative Treatment, various Educational subjects such as the Art of War, Chinese titbits, philosophers/teachers..etc, Martial Arts, Food and Travel information of different places in China and South East Asia. In the Business section we also include the orientation of China, different Administrative Regions, 56 Nationalities within China, Exhibitions...etc. In the near future, the information of other Asian regions will be included.

Armed with such knowledge, users of the web site will have a distinct advantage and be in a position to obtain information and results for any potential business venture in the East.

Internet Shopping

From October 2009, instead of selling hand-written Chinese Calligraphy via West Meet East Emporium Shopping Basket, we would like to provide a free list of Chinese characters for viewers to choose from, for either Tattoos or Lucky Charms.


From the Editor:

The following is one of the television programs comment about us.

When this review was shown on the television program on the 16th January 2001, we only had 17 sections of information, by now we already have 108 sections and keep on increasing.

Thank you for all of your support.

Television Program:



DATE: 16th Jan. 2001

Culture review by Mr. Richard Topping


Ever wanted to know more about Chinese culture but not known where to start looking? Well at West meet East you'll find a perfect introduction to all things Chinese. Budding sinophiles this way please...

west-meet-east.com is a valiant effort to introduce Eastern Culture and help the West better understand Chinese culture. According to the site creators, approval for China to join the World Trade Organization is expected soon, at which time trade between East and West is set to increase. Hence the attempt to explain what makes them tick I suppose.

The website introduces a number of facets of Chinese culture, such as Horoscopes, Calligraphy, Martial Arts, Feng Shui, Food, Arts and Crafts, Alternative Medical Treatment, Tea and Travel. Each of these sections contains a very brief overview of the subject concerned, a few pictures and a bit of blurb to go with each topic.

Whilst this is all to be applauded, I did find the site just a bit too shallow to be engaging. You'll stumble across something that interests you, like the list of Dynasties in the travel section, or a single paragraph on the Great Wall of China, but there are no links or expanded information to satisfy your by now whetted appetite.

There are some interesting nuggets. I was intrigued (although a little depressed) to discover I was born in the year of the Sheep (that's 'cos I'm so Baaaaad) but like the cliched Chinese meal, you'll find yourself stuffed full after five minutes and yet strangely hungry for more only twenty minutes later.

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