What is SARS?

Chinese believe in the natural balance of the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) in our body, any imbalance will cause sickness.

If the SARS virus cannot be suppressed, it will gradually enter into our bones and affect our life.

By applying the traditional Chinese method - Rubbing eggs twice a day or using other equally effective methods, will help to remove the excess elements in the body, together with the following herbal remedies to tackle the sickness.

Initially consume four doses of herbs (A), then follow by either

"kam-woh-cha" (see B) or
"yah-say-may" or
everyday until full recovery.

(A) Herbal Remedy








(1) Cooking method

Put 2 litres (8 rice bowls) of water and herbs in a saucepan, boil for one & half hour on medium heat, drink within a day.

(2) Frequency
Once every two days for eight days.

NOTE: Precaution

(1) This herbs can be taken regularly in order to increase our body's immune system, one dose is sufficient for three people.

(2) For anemia individual may experience dizzy spell.

(B) "kam-woh-cha"

Cooking method

Put half litre of water together with 1 box of "kam-who-cha" in a saucepan, boil for 45 minutes on medium heat. (do not drink this on an empty stomach)

Rubbing Eggs


3 eggs, salt, 3 handkerchiefs (man size), old silver coin (best to use silver coins - British pre-1910, since they contain some nickel which is in the right proportion to eliminate the excess elements in the body.)



Boil 3 fresh eggs (which have not been stored in the fridge) with two teaspoons of salt for fifteen minutes then reduce heat. (maintain heat to keep eggs warm)


Remove eggshell (hot egg is required, do not remove shell under running water), insert the coin into the egg, wrap the egg in the handkerchief.

(3) Use the first egg to rub firmly on the chest until it is cold.

(4) On completion, check the coin for discoloration.

Reddish means fire
Brownish means moisture
Bluish means wind

Coin before rubbing


Coin after rubbing


Clean the coin with scouring cream or sliver polish back to silver color, rinse in water then reuse.


Repeat step 2 and rub second egg on the back and the third egg on the limbs. (you can use more eggs if required)



Number of eggs used in each session are up to individual's discretion.


The coin will not change color when the body's elements are well balanced.

(c) Throw the eggs away after use.

(d) Drink plenty of plain boiled water.

Detail in Chinese

Detail in Chinese - Rubbing eggs

More information will be added in next update!

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