What is Ear-acupoints?

Ear-acupoints are similar to reflexology and hand-acupoints, which could help to activate related organs or reflex areas in order to improve health.

The traditional method of activating the meridian energy flow within the body is by inserting acupuncture needles to the related nodes within the ear.

Modern methods utilize electrical gadgets by introducing small electrical dosage via the nodes, producing similar effects to those of inserting acupuncture needles.

Corresponding To - relevant part of the body

The Ear Acupoints

1) Shen Men - Pressure Point

2) Internal Genital

3) Bladder

4) Kidney

5) Gall Bladder

6) Pancreas

7) Liver

8) Stomach

9) Duodenum

10) Small Intestine

11) Appendix

12) Large Intestine

13) Mouth

14) Esophagus

15) Cardiac

16) Spleen

17) Lungs

18) Heart

19) Trachea

20) Pharynx and Larynx

21) Triple Energizer

22) Brian

23) Endocrine

24) Teeth

25) Tongue

26) Eye

27) Cheek

28) Inner ear

29) Tonsil

30) External Genital

31) Anus

32) Toe and Heel

33) Knee

34) Spleen

35) Fingers

36) Wrist

37) Abdomen

38) Elbow

39) Shoulder

40) Thoracic Vertebrae

41) Shoulder Joint

42) Clavicle

43) Neck & Cervical Vertebrae

44) Forehead

45) External Nose

46) Urethra

Methods of Massage

1) Acupuncture

This method requires an experienced physician to perform.

2) Massage

The massage of the ears will help to improve the 'Chi' flow within the body. One can carry out such massage without causing any damage what so ever. The main aim is merely to activate certain energy flow along the meridians. The physical ears are relatively sensitive features that can relay or transmit energy flow readily with ease. At the end of each massage, remember to drink at least 350 ml of plain water, which help to eradicate waste products through the activated system.

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