What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a safe effective therapy free of any side effects, which can help to activate body parts that are related to the feet in order to improve health.

Accumulated Deposit:

Normal Blood circulation would not have "Deposit" (sediment) in blood vessels or the connective tissues. On the other hand, poor blood circulation will result in deposition of sediment.

Relationship between Deposit and the Reflex zone: 

All organs depend upon each other, when disturbance occurs in one of them creates problems to other organs, that can be traced to the related reflex zones. When pressing on the reflex zones, a "stiff area" is detected, indicating deposit has formed on the related organs.


Reflexology is an ideal method to prevent serious sickness since a disturbance usually starts from a small area which is detectable ("stiff area") when one presses on the reflex zones.

Duration of Massage:

Massage the corresponding zone using the thumb for no more than 10 minutes to achieve relief.

NOTE: Drink plenty of plain water after a massage.

Foot Acupoints - Left & Right



Two feet put closely together resemble a person's body.


Foot Acupoints - Sideway

The Inner side of the foot bears a resemblance to the curves of the spine.


IS1Sciatic Nerve

IS2 Rectum and Anus

IS3 Coccyx

IS4 Uterus or Prostate Glands

IS5 Hip Joint

IS6 Lymph - lower part of the body

IS7 Groin

IS8 Rib

IS9 Urethra, Penis, Vagina

IS10 Sacrum

IS11 Bladde

IS12 Lumbar Vertebrae

IS13 Thoracic vertebrae

IS14 Parathyroid Glands

IS15 Cervical vertebrae

IS16 Nose


OS1 Sciatic Nerve

OS2 Lower Abdomen

OS3 Coccyx

OS4 Gonad

OS5 Hip Joint

OS6 Lymph - upper part of the body

OS7 Rib

OS8 Abdomen

OS9 Elbow

OS10 Scapula

OS11 Diaphragm

OS12 Breast

OS13 Balance Organ

OS14 Shoulder

OS15 Temple, Trigeminus Nerve

Foot Acupoints - Top View

TV1 Lymph Glands - upper body

TV2 Lymph Glands - abdominal area

TV3 Diaphragm

TV4 Balance Organ

TV5 Breast

TV6 Lymph-cistern - thoracic duct

TV7 Larynx and wind-pipe

TV8 Tonsils

TV9 Tonsils

TV10 Lower Jaw

TV11 Upper Jaw

More information will be added in next update!

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