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Different ways of propagation


From the Editor

Bonsai from Far and Wide


Bonsai, the art of cultivating miniature trees in special planters. It is an ancient art that had been practiced in China for thousands of years and is part of Eastern Philosophy, having an idea of "by keeping in touch with nature, one keeps in touch with oneself".

Artistry and Horticulture are the two major features employed when cultivating Bonsai. It resembles the smaller version of the natural tree in the wild. (for comparison see photos below)

By training trunks, developing roots, trimming branches and leaves, and then being rewarded by the beauty and the artistry of the creative shape of the resulting miniature tree, is a joy words cannot describe.

Different ways of propagation



This is a lengthy process and great "Patience" is employed when applying this method. Firstly ensure the required tree is ready to grow and fresh seeds must be used for easy germination. Secondly, choose a right season to grow such as Autumn or Winter.



Two kinds of cutting such as from Softwood and Hardwood. A suitable branch from a plant is much quicker to produce training material as well as retaining the same characteristics of the parent plant.



New plants can be raised by removing parts of the bark and introducing growing media where roots will develop.



A Branch or bud of a difficult or slow growing species is inserted into a slit of a common plant. When there is apparent activity on the bud after about three months, the graft has taken. The top of the stock plant is removed resulting in a new plant.


Nursery stock

Young plants can be bought from garden centers and be trained as appropriate.




From the Editor

Mrs. Teresa Liew has been working in Horticultural establishments for more than twenty years. She is appointed as a Demonstrator and a judge by the National Association of Flower Arrangement Society of Great Britain (N.A.F.A.S.) in various venues for a number of years, and also as a tutor in Merton Adult College and East Surrey Adult Education since 1989 and 1994 respectively, without mentioning the prizes she won in countless National Flower Shows over the years, such as Chelsea, Hampton Court, Kew Garden, to mention but a few. With such wide experiences in horticulture and artistic flair, cultivating Bonsai is one of her specialize skills that she developed over the years.

We thank Mrs. Liew for her contribution to this section.

Bonsai from Far and Wide

Mr. LEE Chin Yuen from Kuantan Malaysia has cultivated Bonsai for over ten years. His artistic ability increases daily due to his whole-hearted dedication and patience. 

Without mentioning the time-consuming process of - Trimming the leaves, Re-potting, Root-prunin, Preparing Basic Soil and Checking of diseases and Pests.

The most important of all is the satisfaction and enjoyment derived from looking at all the master pieces, that words cannot describe.

From the Editor

We thank Mr. Lee for supplying some of his work examples as shown below.


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