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According to the Legend, the Emperor Wong Di's minister called Chang Kit created the Chinese script. The shapes and lines of birds' and beasts' footprints inspired him to draw pictures of the objects, with gradual changes over the years which resulted in Chinese characters of today.  Chinese is a monosyllabic language i.e. each word and character consists of only one syllable.

Chinese script

Can be grouped into three Categories



These picture characters often in an archaic form that is called 'Cheng Yang' means 'Image Shapes'. Such script has been in existence for more than 10,000 years.



These are meaningful symbols which enhance the sign of Pictography. Such as 'one' which is 1 horizontal line; 'two' is 2 horizontal lines and so on. This structure took place about 5000 to 6000 years ago according to documentary evidence.



As time went by, expression of massive abstract notions were not sufficient, 'Determinative-phonetic' script was invented. It continued for a span of years from 1384 B.C. to Han Dynasty of 206 A.D. when Chinese Script completed its structural evolution.

Learn Some Words

The above character means HAPPY or HAPPINESS. The other illustration is the sequence of strokes used to form the character.


This character means DOUBLE HAPPINESS, which is the combination of two HAPPY characters as shown above. DOUBLE HAPPINESS is usually displayed in wedding banquet halls.

Convert names to Chinese

JULIE ANDREWS - the names are split into 5 syllables represented by the 5 Chinese characters. The first two represent 'Julie' (see 1 above), the second three 'Andrews'. (see 2 above)

SOPHIA LOREN  - the names are split into 6 syllables represented by the 5 Chinese characters. The first three represent 'Sophia' (see 1 above), the second two 'Loren'. (see 2 above)

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