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Ordinary and Extraordinary

All people have both ordinary and extraordinary characteristics.

Those who manifest their extraordinary characteristics such as scientists, artists or philosophers work to pass on their knowledge or creations to ordinary people in order they can realize their own extraordinary characteristics.

Ordinary and extraordinary people all live and work in the same world and each person should be able to find his/her talents from ordinary life.

Playing Chess

Life is just like playing a game of chess.

Each move will certainly affect the whole situation, so one has to analyze, re-think the circumstances and reschedule the entire plan.

**In another word, nothing will stay the same forever.**

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Staying put and waiting for opportunities to drop by could be quite a long-wait, but implementing and working diligently will create chances, which is the faster solution.

Do treasure our life as being Human Beings, progress further with good-deeds.

By doing good-deeds not just helping others, but also helping one-self to progress.

Quite Moment

If one can organize tranquil moments during a busy life style, attaining such moment is priceless.


Regret always come into sight when a bad deed is done.

Why not try to "Pre-regret", that means before doing any bad-deed; think once, think twice, just get rid of any bad idea. SO the word "Regret" will disappear without trace.

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A young monk rushes into the meditation hall for his lesson. Slams the entry door, kicks his shoes aside, and then swiftly enters.

The master monk blocks his way and yells at the young monk:

"Hey! Young man, your relationship with the door and your shoes must be so bad that you have to slam and kick  them. I'm sure they did not upset you at all, why do you have to show your temper at them? What a stupid action! You need to think before you get angry. What for? Just go to ask the door and your shoes to forgive your bad attitude first, otherwise don’t come in."

The young monk said to himself, my master monk must be out of his mind; asks me to say "sorry" to the door and my shoes!

The master monk continued:

"Hate or love are both related to relationship, linked to all sentient beings or matters, just like when you show your anger towards the door and your shoes , you already established a bad-relationship with them, but if you show love and kindness instead, everything will be peaceful, tranquil and exquisite.

Moral of the story

Relationship is the most difficult task; either love and/or hate are constantly exchanging places, accompanying each individual with either happiness or sadness.

Having a happy relationship will definitely come with tranquility, inner peace and quiet.

Love is the most important element in life. It can be in the form of:

Kind words; such as a word of good-morning, how are you, magic words such as thank you, please… etc.

Deeds of love, such as charity, helping others without intend, teaching good stories to young people, set good-examples to others etc.

There are so many different ways connected to love. Just show love instead of anger and hatred, sooner or later, one will realize that life can be full of joy and harmony regardless of any material wealth.


Just like people drinking hot water, the acceptance of the temperature is different, only the person concerned can know what they could accept.

We should all know what we are doing, either good or bad.

Say excessive alcohol could damage our liver, advice from others will never be accepted till the self-realization click-in, then one will realize the consequences.

Sickness and Troubles

Sickness is imbibed through the mouth.

Troubles emanate from the mouth.

Similar Characteristic

It is difficult to change someone to be exactly like our own character, unless two of "myself" are co-existing in this world. 

Is it possible?

The characteristics of individuals are entirely different, it is pointless to influence others to adapt to our likening, lifestyles, characters etc.

**Let it be!**

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Giving a speech is not trying to glorify one-self, but to inspire the listeners.

Stepping Back

To step back is the best solution when one is in an emotional situation, such as anger, hate, jealousy, sadness etc.

From the moment of stepping back, one could see and feel differently:-

The sea is wider and the sky is higher.

Success and failure

Success is the result of the gradual accumulation of failure experiences as well as hard work.

Failures are the lessons to success; when we fall down, just stand up, and learn from mistakes.


Suspicion is natural.

Not being suspicious is being foolish.

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Talk is cheap, implementation is reality.

Teaching & Scolding

Teaching - The methods of teaching have to vary according to the individual's ability, since everybody has different levels of absorption on any new learning. Do not have high expectation when teaching others!

Scolding - Do not to be so hard when scolding others; you must take their feelings into consideration.

That is life

Every minute is a sunrise.

Every challenge is an opportunity.

Every bad situation or failure is an experience.

Every good-deed is a good-beginning.

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The Best

Peace is the best amongst all happiness.

Tranquility is the best amongst all enjoyment.

Think of others feeling

Do not ever belittle others, we must think of their feelings. We will feel great in heart when we are humble; this is the beginning of understanding.

"Three Hearts" do not work

"Three Hearts" are referred to "Past heart, Present heart and Future heart".

"Heart" means thinking or moment.

Past Heart - How to define "Past"? Say a minute ago you walk into the house and make a cup of tea, when tea is done, the making tea moment is considered a "Past Moment"!

Present Heart - What is present? The moment you make tea is considered "Present", but once tea is ready, then the making tea moment is past. Where is the "Present"?

Future Heart - Situations change all the time, how could we foresee future.


Past is a past.... is a past, why have to worry or think back, no "Present" as such, and changeable situation alter the future!

** Well! Take it easy!

To Know Someone

To know someone is not easy,

but to understand someone is even harder.


Use others good experiences for our information.

Use others success as our examples to implement our dreams.

Use the misfortune of others as example not to do the same.

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Waste of time, waste of energy, and waste of life.

If one continues to do something meaningless, one will feel exhausted without leaving enough energy to do other meaningful tasks. What a waste of life!

Wealth and destitution

Wealth is through industrious effort.

Laziness can only lead to destitution.

Young at heart

An old man said:

"I cannot control my appearance, but I can refuse to grow up!"

Experiences can only be increased, as time goes by, regardless of success or failure, both are considered as experiences, which is precious to oneself and society. We all have our own specialty and are extraordinary regardless of age.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; hence one should not be bothered by what others might say about an individual's appearance as long as one is feeling comfortable and happy with the way things are.

One of the most important things in life is to be your own natural self and be happy to live life the way you choose to be rather than trying to be like others. It is more important to have a healthy body and positive soul rather than suffering at the consequences of others' opinions.

Appearance is nothing, why worry? Inside, we are all the same; well, to be young at heart is the best medicine of all.

Be happy!

Yu Kung

There was an old man called Yu Gong in China, who had two big mountains in front of his family home, which caused his family great inconvenience. 

One day he gathered his family and said: 

"The two mountains facing our home are an inconvenience to us, so let us move them!" His children and grandchildren all agreed except his wife. 

She said: 

"You are old and not able to move a single stone, how could you move these two mountains?"

The next day, Yu Gong led his family to these mountains. Undaunted by the hardships and difficulties, they worked on the mountains every day. 

One day, a wise old man called Zhi Sou, upon seeing them attempting to remove the mountains was bemused, and said to Yu Gong: 

"You are old and you cannot even pluck the grass on the mountain top, how do you expect to move the mountains?" 

Yu Gong replied: 

"Yes, I am old and I will soon be dead, but I have children, and when my children are dead, there are still my grandchildren. My family members will get larger and larger, the mountain will get smaller and smaller. With such determination, surely it is possible to move the mountains!"

Moral of the story

Many tasks appear unachievable but with the right determination anything can be achieved. 

Additionally, as the saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step".

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