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Tao Tak King


Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu  ( 570 B.C. - 490 B.C.) traditionally known as the Founder of the naturalistic, philosophical "Way" known as Taoism. He was born in the province of Honan and has probably exerted more influence over Chinese thinking than any other person except Confucius.

He is the author of Tao Tak King , (The "Classic of the Way and Virtue"), which consists only 10,000 characters. Much of it is rhymed and it can be read as a long philosophical poem, it teaches "The Way" that can not be explained in words or conceived in thought.


His Teachings

"Wu Wei" 

means without intent is one of the major attitudes to achieve

"The Way"

that is to let things take their natural course and stresses the importance of "without intent".

"Mud Chong Jug Lou" 

refers to time revolving effects, things will deteriorate as time goes by, strong to weak and young to old in the natural process.

His teaching has been translated into western languages more than any other Chinese works.

Tao Tak King

Honesty and Sweet talk

Bluntness and brutal honesty are always objectionable to the recipient and not nice to hear at all.

Flattering words or sweet talk are not always believable.

Debate and arguments

Sincere advice is not in need of debate.

Unnecessary debate and arguments will not be sincere advice.

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