Beijing Food

Beijing food or Northern food is a combination of different areas varieties namely Hebei, Shangdong, Lower Yangzi River area, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.


Methods of cooking:-

Barbecuing, deep-boiling, roasting, smoking and braising.

Local products such as garlic, ginger, leeks, pork, spring onions, bean sauce, different spices, chilies, vegetables, particularly the Northern white cabbage, together with duck, pork, chicken, seafood, beef, and lamb are used to make many varieties of gourmet dishes.

Accompaniment to Meals

Wheat products such as noodles, bread, and dumplings as well as rice are eaten with meals.


The cuisine of the Old Imperial Palace was similar that of the last dynasty, but using highly refined and rare ingredients.

Examples of Dishes

Peking Duck, Mongolian Hot Pot with Lamb or Beef, Sauteed Mutton with Scallion, Muslim Skewered Mutton, Shandong Chicken with Abalone and Cabbage, to mention but a few.

Mongolian Hot Pot


Skewered Mutton

Peking Duck



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