Mr. P. Fung - (Hong Kong)

From the Editor

Cooking is one of Mr. Fung's hobbies, without mentioning that he is a successful business man in Hong Kong.

He cooks a banquet style dinner for his friends quite often, taking notes of such dinner is the norm for him, for he does not wish to repeat the same dish when these same friends attend another of his dinners, and most importantly his notes will help him to improve the range and quality of his dishes even further.

If he were to open a restaurant, it would be fully book for years to come.

The following are examples of some of his mouth-watering dishes, that no words can give justice to. Yummy!

Steamed black bean pork
(Tips:- Presoaking the pork in water for two to three hours, will make the meat so tender and succulent)

Braised pork - "Tung Bau" meat
(the beauty of this dish is that it melts in your mouth which gives absolute pleasure.)

Vegetarian style

Vegetable curry

Potato with preserved Chinese vegetable and spring onions

Sweet and sour fresh fruit with soy-meat

Three types of mushrooms

Chinese cabbage cooked in milk with spring onions

Stir fried lotus, carrots, celery, onions and green beans.

Noodle, vegetable and mushroom

Northern style

Fried Bean-curd with chili sauce

Chili beans

Stir fry pork with leeks

Hot and sour soup

Cantonese style

Steamed chicken

Stuffed bitter-melon

Pineapple and ginger chicken

Braised pork Cantonese style

This is a special dish known as "Pun-choy" from "Wei Chuen" New Territory, Hong Kong, it consists of at least 10 different types of meats and sea-food. 

Din Tai Fun

Soy-meat with mushrooms (cold dish)

Smoked fish

Dumplings -"Sui-lung-po"

Chi Jar Chong

Three types of chicken

Braised pork Taiwan style

White bitter-melon with black bean

Three mushrooms

Sweet & sour pork

Chicken spring roll

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