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Hang Zhou food

From the Editor

We would like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Chu-Cot for their generous hospitality while we were visiting this most beautiful city in the world, Hang Zhou (China). 

Dining in the renowned Lou Wai Lou is the major highlight which is considered as the for serving the very best Hang Zhou food.

With the help of Ms. Kung Zun Ying (Deputy Manager), we could gather the information as the following regarding the history of Hang Zhou famous restaurant and their dishes.

Lou Wai Lou  


No. 30 Coo Shan Lu Hang Zhou, China

Its history goes back 155 years to 1849 in the Ching Dynasty , and was set up by a scholar HOUNG Soy-Tong .

After a difficult time during the Second World War, lots of politicians & other famous people gradually flooded back to frequent the restaurant. The restaurant was re-built in 1980 and again renovated in 1990.


Examples of Dishes

Hang Zhou sweet & sour fish

"Tung Bau" meat

"Dragon-well" tea with prawns

Quai Fa & lotus

"Sung So" fish soup

Beggar Chicken

"Ng Shan" cake

Fry Bean-curd

Menu of some of their famous dishes

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