Shanghai food

Shanghai food is influenced by the areas around Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai itself.


These dishes require longer time to cook and tend to be richer than the Cantonese variety. Similar ingredients to those in Northern/Beijing food are used in preparing Shanghai food except that extensive amounts of red chilies, sesame oil and vinegar are used.

Accompaniment to Meals

Noodles or dumplings are eaten with meals.


"Braised Meat" is one of the specialties; the meat is cooked in different spices for a long time for the meat to absorb the flavor of spices and is more tender when its ready.

(see Recipe)

Examples of Dishes

Crab from Hang-zhou region is one of the gourmet dishes during the autumn. Drunken Chicken, Shanghai Noodles and Dumplings are some other famous dishes.

Stir Fried eel


Special "To-fu" with chili

Dumplings - "Sui-lung-po"


Sweet & Sour Braised Meat


500 gm belly pork or ribs pork

1) Sherry or Chinese Wine (1 table spoon)

2) Dark Soya (2 table spoons)
3) Sugar (3 table spoons)
4) Vinegar (4 table spoons)
5) Water (5 table spoons)

1) Cut meat to an inch length
2) Put meat & seasoning in saucepan (if prefer, add 1 chilli)

3) High heat for 10 minutes, low heat to simmer for 20 minutes
4) Serve with rice or noodle

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