Sichuan food

Sichuan Province is the mountainous district in the center of China. Mountain produce and river fish are the main ingredients.


Sichuan food is famous for its hot spicy "Tongue Numbing" dishes. Their uniquely hot, pungent flavor is created by a mixture of spices and condiments, including red hot peppers, garlic and ginger in the ingredients.

Accompaniment to Meals

Wheat products such as noodles, bread, and dumplings are eaten with meals.


Ma Po Tofu is bean curd served with very hot chili mince meat.

Examples of Dishes

Sauteed Pork Slices with Hot Peppers, Fish in Chili Bean Sauce, Shrimps on Rice Crust, Ham with Bamboo Shoots and many more.

Fish in Chili Bean Sauce


Hot chili beans

Hot chili pork

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