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Good Feng Shui Day

"Good Beginning and Good Ending" is Chinese belief and reason for choosing a good day to have a wedding, opening shop, decorating, moving house or office etc.. to improve success, prosperity and avoid any pitfalls in future.

Calendar List (for Chinese Lunar Month)

3rd Lunar Month

(5th April  to 4th May 2019)

4th Lunar Month

(5th May  to 2nd June 2019)

5th Lunar Month

(3rd June  to 2nd July 2019)

6th Lunar Month

(3rd July  to 31st July 2019)

7th Lunar Month

(1st Aug.  to 29th Aug. 2019)

8th Lunar Month

(30th Aug.  to 28th Sep. 2019)

9th Lunar Month

(29th Sep.  to 27th Oct. 2019)

10th Lunar Month

(28th Oct.  to 25 Nov. 2019)

11th Lunar Month

(26th Nov.  to 25th Dec. 2019)

12th Lunar Month

(26th Dec. 2019  to 24th Jan. 2020)

3rd Chinese Lunar Month

5th April to 4th May 2019

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4th Chinese Lunar Month

5th May to 2nd June 2019

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5th Chinese Lunar Month

3rd June to 2nd July 2019

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6th Chinese Lunar Month

3rd July to 31st July 2019

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7th Chinese Lunar Month

1st Aug. to 29th Aug. 2019

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8th Chinese Lunar Month

30th Aug. to 28th Sep. 2019

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9th Chinese Lunar Month

29th Sep. to 27th Oct. 2019

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10th Chinese Lunar Month

28th Oct. to 25th Nov. 2019

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11th Chinese Lunar Month

26th Nov. to 25th Dec. 2019

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12th Chinese Lunar Month

26th Dec. 2019 to 24th Jan. 2020

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