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16th Feb. 2018 to 4th Feb. 2019

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The following is the World prediction and the individual prediction of each character.

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World Prediction


The beginning of the 'Earth Dog Element' year will perform much better in positive territory globally than the previous year in terms of economic improvement. Many nations will be trying to play catch up with developing and or developed nations, upgrading their infrastructure, improving living standards, resulting in offering deals and conditions in order to attract multi-millions or billions in investments from established corporations or on inter government levels. Such practice is not new in a sense, but during the year, things are happening much more different from the norm. Much dealing associated with bartering trading terms and conditions rather than relying on long term loans with low interest.

No doubt certain developed nations would prefer to protect their nations' interests ahead of others, which is understandable, but not at the expense of other poorer nations. It will be near impossible to satisfy each and every requirement and sticking to the rules of World Trade Organization (WTO), resulting in more debates and modification to future trading regulations. It will be another long process before amicable agreements can be reached. Third world nations could be fighting for more protection or special concessions in order to compete with the developed nations.

Even though the global economy will be picking up progressively, however this does not mean nations with humongous financial debts will service their debts appropriately, partly due to ruling government's political interests. Balancing such acts requires skill and talents and the appeasement of the public interest. But not many nations will be able to attain the promises through harmonious ways. The majority of nations from the southern hemispheres continue to voice their disappointment about trade imbalances imposed on them and want more influence or take more control. This will result in further protective measures against other nations.

The continuous growth of global economic influence is shifting from the Western and European regions toward Asian, Central Asia and Middle Eastern regions. The change of influence could result in government dominance of economic power, hopefully building more stable regions. Do not under-estimate the influence or changes in the Middle Eastern style of government, for the revolutions could affect the overall global economy not because of mineral oil resources, but due to new regime rule.

International matters

Civil warfare, terrorism retaliation and social unrests will continue in regions with insecure governance nations, ranging from Europe, Middle East, South America, and parts of Asian regions. The public is more determined in expressing their discontentment with ruling governments and there will be several riots and changes of government's practices, resulting in massive loss of civilian's lives, which is impossible to contain. The Super Power nations are shying away from direct confrontation with those nations that may only create more disastrous consequences for nations involved. Hence the burden lies with the United Nations Council, which seems to have their hands tied as well. Unfortunately the humanitarian aid will reduce in level where nations are not making the necessary contributions as agreed. Refugees and asylum seekers will continue to suffer much dire condition and many could perish as a consequence.

Civil wars or unrest continues to spread across Europe and Middle Eastern regions, due to endless war mongering, separatists' unrest, each fighting for their own interest. Despite numerous governments and The United Nations efforts to curb the escalation, could end in failure with more civilian bloodshed. Insecurity instability and chaos within the regions will escalate every now and then creating uncertainty and anxiety among the civilians. Immigration pressure continues to pile pressures on neighboring nations that were ultimately forced to change their humanitarian views due to economic pressure. Continuous government ruling parties are likely to create more economical worries and instability. With new rules and regulations imposed, things will change that affect inter-movement and business transactions. It will take much longer to adapt to the new rules for those affected.

Deployments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts are the next advancing technological leap forward associated with nation's national security and warfare against terrorism. Such proposals will be contested by civil rights group against privacy but unlikely to win against nation's security priority. Even with the deployment of the new AI technology, which is still in the stage of infancy, it will be tried and tested long before government can confidently assure the public that it will be safe to deploy for future surveillance and security purposes. Digital warfare will continue to be causing significant headaches for government internal security issues and intelligence services for more vital data leakage will be exposed to the media, causing untold embarrassment. Such data loss or hacking scenario continues to spread panic or fear across the financial markets, creating certain setbacks for new technological software or smart-phone mobile application launches.


Fierce competition among developed nations continues further where each nation will try to outperform one another for influence and world dominance. New counter measures will be imposed by nations that are threatened by an influx of migration, low imports, securities intellectual, renewal energy & resources investments and increasing artificial intelligence research and development. Such countermeasure implementation certainly creates a tense negative atmosphere for nations involved and will not create beneficial consequences of which they are very well aware.

New trading block agreements between numerous developed trading nations will arrive in a timely fashion where existing groups will be the envy, prompting others to ponder where and how they may have gone wrong. Such scenario indirectly creates quite a lot of discontentment among nations that appear to have lost out within the WTO terms and conditions. There will be many rounds of talks and discussions, which lead to no positive conclusions.

The race to achieve new technological research, advancement development and ultimately production receives massive attention not only from inter-government departments but also from multi-billions investment fund managers who are preparing to pump lots of money into the future. Whoever manages to come up with winning ideas, concepts and production lines will certainly dominate the world markets.

Government spending on warfare technology and nuclear will increase a few fold, indirectly creating tension within the super power nations and certain up-coming nations too. Those nations involved may prefer not to be made feel less important on the global stage. Such combative competition and financial spending is unlikely to end as long as humanity allows its ego to dictate, resulting in tense and insecure atmosphere and a no-win-win situation for the public in general. Perhaps the money should be better spent on much more humanitarian developments, medical research facilities, food resources cultivation, regeneration, improvements on environmental destruction controls or reaching a peaceful means for the human race.

Weather and the Environment

Despite frequent global deteriorating weather conditions and broadcasts warnings, reminders across the globe to most nations, very slow progress has been achieved in curbing the emission of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere. The effects of rising temperatures, resulting in accelerating melting of the ice caps in the Artic and Antarctic, sudden extreme cold weather conditions, frequent extreme flooding scenarios and draughts conditions, largely result from the human population growth which rapidly depletes the natural environments resources in order to supplement the needs of human development and progress of the future rat race.

The increasing variations in temperature difference occurring across various nations with different landscapes have different disastrous consequences ranging from enormous hurricane or tornados storms to increased arid regions or draughts, killing large animals stocks that rely on vast vegetation growth. The continuous global weather deterioration will only create endless destruction, disruption and suffering to various regions of the globe - involving deforestation, famine and the spread of viral diseases.

The human race needs to curb the increasing environmental pollution ranging from exploitation of natural resources to food consumption before the planet's natural resources reach a point of beyond of no return. Even though many nations are gradually warming to the concept of exploring renewal energy development, unfortunately not enough has been accomplished due to initial high financial implication. No doubt the human race will not be able to return to the old ways of survival but somehow humans may perhaps need to slow down the degradation process for future generation's survival.

Frequent earthquake scenarios are increasing during the year, spreading from the northern to the southern hemispheres, resulting in significant loss of lives, despite advanced warning measures installed in strategic locations. The advancement of scientific studies is unable to prevent the force of nature from happening but however fails to warn the public in advance. No doubt humans will continue to learn and refine their technology studies to produce much accurate predictions.

IF only all governmental nations come to their sense that they are surviving within a beautiful resourceful but fragile blue planet and uniting in participating to combat the increasing man made pollution scenario, this blue planet will certainly stand a better chance of survival for generations to come.

Year Chart - Five Elements Chart for all signs

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Born in the year of Rat

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

While you cannot disregard certain persistent financial matters or complex relationship issues involving loved ones, family members, friends or colleagues, it is advisable to approach these in untried manners without creating undesirable outcomes for parties involved. During the second part of the year, you will need more time to take advantage of the fluctuating environments with consequential insights. However when you decide to preserve certain vital or personal matters to yourself, it appears to be a wise choice. At the time they were really nobody's business but your own. When the situation develops and takes on greater importance, several individuals will take notice of your presence or importance. While raising matters becomes obstinate at times, the longer you postpone, the shoddier it will become. What is more, it arouses others suspicious what is happening and will soon begin to question your intentions.

Life could be less complicated if you could put to rest certain disconcerting private issues involving others, associated with personal or working life. Reacting with hostility and without appropriate facts or background research could easily backfire in your face. The consequence could be diabolical especially for those with impatient characteristic. Throughout the year, it is advisable to be tolerant dealing with most aspects in life associated with relationship, businesses, career and especially the Law. Not an excellent period and hopefully one will take the duration as a learning or observation transition period. It does not necessarily mean a doom and gloom year, but treading things and situation with great care and consideration. The more you try to counter or challenge the opponents or the Law, the more you are likely to suffer greater negative impacts.

Every once in a while an attractive proposition appears out of nowhere with terms and conditions that are too good to refuse, as if you had won the national lottery. It will be year of success associated with educational progress, career development, relationship, a marriage or family affairs. Your dreams are partially been fulfilled during the period but treat with caution when dealing with senior citizens, especially the opposite gender. Need to be mindful of accusations or slander by certain groups or individuals with a personal vendetta. Generally a reasonable year, but one is advised to pay more attention to wellbeing or when engage in extreme sports or competition.

Before responding to any queries, challenges or accusations, remember to hold your tongue without provoking others. It will only fuel others opportunities that can be used against you and by the time you realize it, it could be too late to retract the spoken words, even though without intent. No doubt you will learn through mistakes made, which can be considered natural, but more important to learn from them rather than keep repeating similar mistakes. If not careful enough, it could ultimately become a negative habit.

Hopefully one will be able to let go of negative invincible burdens and not hold grudges on those who had previously let you down big time, either intentionally or unavoidably. No doubt, when you make a commitment, you tend to keep it. But not everyone is capable of sticking to his/her word. Yet if you were to recall calmly, you may discover that even you have had to make certain unplanned or undesirable changes under pressing circumstances. In other words, if you put yourself in their shoes, perhaps you could understand their circumstances.

Born in the year of OX

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

You begin Year of the Dog feeling full of confidence and knowing which direction you are heading toward for the sake of your family and personal wellbeing. However during this exciting yet potentially unsettling period in between, you will discover more about your weakness and strengths than you have for ages. In a way, you will be living out its theme of revolution with the changing situations. The real challenge is that you may not always distinguish appropriate prospects to explore personally, in terms of self-awareness or even spirituality. Whenever feasible, invest time learning about whatever and whoever is heading your direction with an open mind-set. The focus is personal redefinition; often what is most inspiring will come via a third party. You are encouraged to overcome either self-doubt or belief that certain pursuits could be uninteresting or without potential. In the past perhaps they were. During this year, however you will soon discover that those activities have changed and more importantly, so have you.

Charisma is always handy especially when situations are perplexing. But be cautious about what you suggest when being charming. Others could misconstrue what you say in order to boost their mental state, as a promise or even an offer of a lasting nature. Do not always assume others understand what you have in mind, especially when it comes to personal matters or business opportunities. While you may have discussed your intentions, you have kept things to yourself more than you realize. As you probably are aware, a new relationship (business or personal level) is usually built on trust between two parties. That could be the groundwork of potential solid relationships.

When planning something ahead, you are extremely wary of the possibility things will change or external influence could jeopardize certain plan or scheme. Avoid letting such uncertainty deter you from achieving some of your dreams. Otherwise you are unlikely to kick start anything in life. It is common practice to allow risks associated and consider the worst-case scenario, building a buffer zone as a safety measure. It is important to gradually build up self-confidence interacting with the open wide interesting and yet challenging society. When you jump into the society, either you join in the swim or sink when you stop.

Developing constant distress or worries about due debts or mortgage payments are unlikely to resolve the situation on their own. However this does not mean that one can just ignore the whole situation and wait for someone or others to come to your rescue, maybe in the past but not this time unfortunately. It is about to stand on your own feet and be accountable for personal action. Hopefully things will get easier once you manage to instigate the repayment process. Let's resolve one thing at a time before considering another plan.

Life can be wonderful especially when one realizes how fortunate it is to have someone dear as a close companion to share and comfort in times of need and joy. One tends to become mellower with maturity, pondering about life often and deriving satisfying feelings. Continue to do the things you enjoy most and do not stop at this stage for there are still several plans or dreams to accomplish in the future. You still have plenty of reserve in you, so just do not allow the emotional fear of age deter you from proceeding.

Born in the year of Tiger

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

The occasional obstinate attitude of the Tiger type is likely to cause resentment among certain groups of family members and friends. IF one were to allow uncontrollable frequent outbursts, the family relationships could be strained further. Furthermore such behavior could be detrimental to personal wellbeing in the long term. Remember that no one is perfect in this world; hence try not to allow personal egotism get in the way of others. Self-respect needs to be earned by respecting others and age or seniority does not automatically earn the respect that you anticipate.

The year does not encourage an individual to remain isolated from society or idle, not moving forward ahead despite facing difficult challenges. Others may interpret as having a mid-life crisis syndrome, which is certainly not the case, unless you allow it to happen. The ability to overcome the battle or taking back control of your life depends on sheer determination and more importantly adopting a positive mental attitude. As long as one is still receptive, one should continue to lead a meaningful life ahead and worry less about the opinions of others.

Still motivated for better career success or business prospects and would prefer not to waste valuable time whenever feasible. Remember also not to disregard family life values for they are equally important to loved ones or dearest. The future is filled with endless challenges and one has the opportunity to make positive contributions back to society with the right team and timing. Remember to maintain personal wellbeing in order to face those challenges.

Stay alert and be well prepared for potential hectic schedules during the year concerning family, career, business or educational progress. The situation will get progressively more extreme from about the first quarter of the year. However do not become too enthusiastic when confronting new challenges. No matter what course of action decided, it could lead an individual into a new chapter in life. Discovery and adapting to the new environment would require more time adapting. Hence be patient and open to new suggestions before responding.

Starting a new career and relationship are the most problematic subjects during the year. Being impatient and not spending quality time digesting complicated or tricky issues will only produce undesirable pandemonium. Seeking financial aid from friends or family members will temporarily alleviate the burden but not necessarily resolve the issues. However do not let complicated relationships create heartaches and loss of concentration at work. You may not develop the ability or skill at this stage in balancing the acts, juggling several things at once. Live and let learn is the motto.

Born in the year of Rabbit

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Diabetes and or weak heart condition could put an individual at further risk when needing a major operation. Hence it is reasonably important that one pays close attention to the health condition associate with appropriate medication, sticking to proper recommended diet pattern. Choosing to neglect may well cause further complications in the future. If one manages to adhere to the method, one can mitigate undesirable side effects after an operation. For those recent retirees, life may appear different and one would need to take time to adjust. Ideally it is vital to keep oneself occupied with social interactions or hobbies and the mind alert, to slow down the degeneration process.

One may put family members' welfare as a priority over career or business developments during this year due to changing circumstances. Undertaking such decision is not simple, and close colleagues or business partners may remind you to pay attention to your wellbeing too. Facing a challenging year head is not to be taken lightly either. Whether one manages to handle certain tricky situations, depends on the full cooperation from those involved. However do not rely entirely on others smoothing things out without having a second review.

Vital to concentrate or pay close attention to details involving work, business or relationship, for one could easily be distracted or deceived by others' ploys. Imagine it is like having lost a compass when navigating the open oceans. Others will take advantage of the situation and you may learn from a costly experience, losing financial gains, reputation or even your relationship. Just be vigilant and avoid being too trustworthy with the opposite gender, even close friends or colleagues. Sometimes it is difficult or near impossible to merely judge and individual from the book's cover, so to speak.

One is feeling more confident with career development, planning the next step ahead. Moving on from there, one is likely to go places, far and wide, widening your horizon, never looking back since then and gradually achieving some of your dreams. While you are riding the crest of the wave, also be mindful of certain hidden dangers lurking beneath. Taking your eyes off the horizon could be risky to your hard earned creditability. Your relationship could be disrupted due to lacking in attention to loved ones or partner.

For the young and carefree individuals still in education, priority to perform well with the studies or vocational training, do not be distracted with early stage of a relationship. The world could be your oyster for those who perform well with educational achievements. Also do not neglect personal wellbeing and adopting a healthy diet pattern. You should consider fortunate enough for there are many people in the same age group with poor wellbeing and inappropriate education opportunities. Do treasuring what you have rather than throwing away the opportunity.

Born in the year of Dragon

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Adopting a clear conscience, positive understanding and diplomatic approaches could certainly propel an individual to a much more positive scenario ahead with better success in terms of business, family, friendship or career aspects. Remember to avoid making important decisions based on unstable personal emotional feelings. More importantly one also needs to pay close attention to wellbeing and rest patterns. Without having an able body and mind, one cannot accomplish tasks or responsibilities.

Adopting forward thinking and open-minded approaches during the year will help to overcome or alleviate the challenges encountered. Water element Dragon type can be resourceful, with combination of fluidity forms and strength; can accomplish difficult tasks that others may not. No matter how challenging or difficult the situations encountered, one needs to utilize experience in order to carve out the landscape profiles to your advantage. No doubt the Dog Year earth element could have an impact to wellbeing, career, business or relationship, but the ability to smooth out the rough edges of the earth landscape barriers, one can ultimately work things out for parties involved, resulting in a win-win situation. Diplomatic approach also plays a vital part in ensuring a smooth transition.

Nothing is unlikely to discourage you once you have made up your mind. Such strong characteristic is going to be quite tough for some of the colleagues, clients, business-partners, public and family members to accept. However only you can understand why such decisions have to be taken. You could end up a lonely individual, upsetting those that do not see eye to eye; perhaps a price considered worth paying for in accomplishing important tasks or managing a huge organization or country. Personal wellbeing and safety cannot be ignored while traveling abroad. Just be mindful with food and drink consumption.

There are a few important things to achieve or fulfill during the course of the year and one should try to handle each case gradually. The ability to juggle appropriately between a family life and a career or business should help to lessen the impact on personal wellbeing. Remember to contemplate more of the positive sides in life and whatever problems encountered will seem to dissolve naturally. Fortunately enough you have the undivided support and encouragement from loved ones and family members, which is a blessing.

Life and career begin to show some improvement, where one could venture out to explore in other areas that passed by undetected. Do not expect rapid progress, one should be able to deal with certain new involvements constructively through wisdom and judgment. Career and relationship are the most problematic subjects. Rushing things through with second thoughts will merely create disorder. Seeking help or advice from friends and family members could lighten some of the burdens. If one is not careful enough, facing a relationship breakdown could be difficult to accept, indirectly affecting concentration on career progress or achievements. The year could end up with a hard landing rather than a smooth one.

Born in the year of Snake

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Worrying habits are likely the main factor that causes illness ranging from minor to severe situations. Do not let such negative practice prevent one from achieving plans for the year. Otherwise disillusionment will happen, followed by depression. Bearing in mind your physical body system is not as flexible it once was and need to take things slowly. The thought of continuous survival could haunt those without many dependants but one should not worry endlessly either. What will be will be and why not allow destiny to take its natural course?

Remember that any good or bad moments are never going to remain forever; hence one should wise up with adopting alternative contingency plans, especially associated with financial or asset affairs. Expenditures are increasing ahead but one will manage to handle the impact without much difficulty. Financial rewards or gains could possibly improve during the year provided one is keeping tabs on the investment profiles and fluctuations of the markets performance. With an increase in stable income, one can look forward to a more comfortable lifestyle.

Reaching an important stage, working hard to enhance personal career, business plan or relationship. Things could happen speedily and one might not have sufficient time to decide as thoroughly as one desires. Frequent travels to foreign places are prominent due to work or businesses transactions. The year is productive for those capable of coping with the ad-hoc working environments. However not all situations are smooth sailing and be mindful of corruption practices that could jeopardize your entire efforts. The relationship with loved ones could be strained for those involving a third party.

One is likely to be confronted with hectic schedules throughout the year and will receive a variety of positive encouragement and support from colleagues, loved ones or perhaps family members. Having patience, experience, wisdom and confidence should certainly help to ease some of the pressures and sometimes need to establish playing the right cards. Do not merely expect a miracle to happen, especially when dealing with human nature. The level of success or achievement usually relies on sheer individual effort more than good fortune, which could be a bonus. Hence keep up the industrious effort and do not yield when things seem most difficult or near impossible; rest if you must, but just do not give up.

The occasional pig-headedness of the Snake type is going to cause friction among close friends and family members. IF one does not control such random outbursts, friendship and family relationships could be stressed. Hopefully one should learn from mistakes, irrelevant who is right or wrong in the first instance. An argument usually arises due to a difference in opinion, followed by personal likes and dislikes. Just discard negative thoughts encountered and move ahead rather than dwelling in the past. It will take time to heal the rifts when parties involved finally come to their sense.

Born in the year of Horse

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Certain group of friends may laugh at the idea when you mention about starting a soul-searching journey. Laugh as they may but that should not deter you from progressing ahead as long as you have some insight of spiritual callings. Hopefully with an inquisitive mind, one should be able to find certain answers at an early stage. However one is advised to pay close attention to personal wellbeing and health condition. Long neglect and insufficient nourishment could work against your plan and never underestimate the challenges ahead either. If feasible, adopt a positive mental attitude especially coming across different cultures or beliefs.

Need to be mindful with personal health conditions during the course of the year especially the female type. It is never too late to prevent or stop illness from becoming bellicose, provided one manages to take corrective measures from the onset. For the male type, one needs to choose between a materialistic world and the importance of personal wellbeing during the course of this year. One is unlikely to cherry pick both choices because the physical body could let you down. As long as one looks after number one with care, one will be able enjoy a fruitful lifestyle without much undesirable discomforts.

More excitement dealing with work, business or traveling schedules during the year. One will find time passes by so quickly, busily occupied and discovering not having enough time to rest properly as desired. Under such circumstances, it is vital not to neglect personal health and pay close attention to diet patterns. Despite having to attend to important functions or occasions, one is advised to make time for family members, especially loved ones or a supportive partner. The Horse type usually performs better with appropriate support from the partner or loved ones. Even though one cannot stop worrying for the rest of the family members' wellbeing, you can only achieve so much without direct interference with their lifestyle, no matter how much you adore them. Hopefully they will appreciate your kindness and undivided love and attention.

Mixed fortune during the year for those with career or business, likely to encounter tougher negotiations and or obstacles or being reeled into an uncomfortable situation. Ambitious types working in huge reputable organization are certainly faced with several "exceptionally high hurdles", possibly involving ‘back stabbing' scenario for the unfortunate. Only those adopting a strong positive mind-set and not easily influenced are going to survive such an offensive. Those involved in services industries are facing a much tougher stance ahead with the on-going uncertain circumstances. Considering taking short cuts or cutting corners is not recommended or the way forward. Long-term plans and commitment require a fresh approach that could revolutionize the way of doing business, involving new technology.

One acting as a guarantor should not feel discouraged and disappointed on discovering that one has to bail out those that made unwise spending commitments; situation that one can certainly do without. Even though the situation faced appears to be quite dire, but others will be willing to chip in. Feeling grateful for their assistance, you should be able to repay their kindness in different ways. Perhaps you may consider a favor that you would not forget in this life. Obviously loved ones would not be pleased, putting you in financial distress. Hopefully this does not put a strain on the relationship. Otherwise you have another problem on your hands.

Born in the year of Goat (Sheep)

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Some could be standing at the crossroads in association with career path selections, feeling unsure which direction or option one should make. The market demands or expectations could provide some hint what the future might hold but the final decision rests with your choice or preference. Ask yourself what you would like to achieve, doing things you enjoy and at the same time contributing to society in return? Obviously financial implication needs to be taken into consideration but do not be influenced merely by financial rewards. All roads lead to Rome and you could be spoiled for choice.

Beware of deceitful approaches during the course of the year, where one could become a victim to scam, trying to trick your hard earned money or assets. Either way, one is going through a delicate scenario where one has no major route of escape except to be extra vigilant before signing any documents that relate to financial commitments, like a mortgage, debt re-payment, agreement or contract. Avoid the temptation of "get rich quick scheme" when approached by strangers or financial advisors including some personal friends and relatives.

Continue with the out-going approach lifestyle or adopting a positive approach IF one wants to achieve more with political ambitions, career progress, business establishments or research studies. Try not to undermine personal capabilities or due to ageing process, as long as one still feels fit and healthy. By remaining dormant, one cannot expect others to discover you, unless one decides to remain undiscovered and prefers to live a quiet lifestyle. It will be a real shame since you still have the energy and capability to make contributions to society.

It is going to be quite a frenzied year at work or business and family affair. Support and encouragement from loved ones, family members or partner will help to make challenging tasks achievable with ease. One should not neglect personal wellbeing and continue to provide care or assistance to those needy. Avoid having confrontations or trivial arguments wherever possible, which could jeopardize reputation and respect. Patience will help to overcome trivial issues instead of turning them into complications. It is advisable to be vigilant when driving or traveling by public transport.

Watch out for hazardous signs or potential misfortune lurking at the work place, business transactions, research, family affair or education. Preliminary "warning flares" have been fired into the horizon, as a signal to warn an individual to get his or her act together. If one has not pushed one's luck beyond a certain limit, then one is comparatively safe from being made redundant, having a deal or contract terminated or having funds suspended for an education research project. Beware of hidden pit-falls that may be across the path, one is advised to watch each and every step and pay special attention to personal belongings, documents, money and valuable things.

Born in the year of Monkey

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Bright and positive prospects are hovering around the corner and one should just keep up with the good practices concerning career development, public relations or business approaches. On the other hand, it is advisable to stay away from immoral sexual activities that could tarnish or jeopardize reputation, attracting undesirable attention from the media especially for those in the public limelight. Be heedful for there are others who might set a honey-trap to see your downfall, partly due to competition more than for reasons of vengeance.

Friendship or a family member relationship could be put to the test during the course of the year and one may face a dilemma in deciding which option to choose. There are situations where one is left without much choice and one should try his or her best to fit into the part. Voicing an honest opinion could create a shock to those who least expects it and perhaps it could be the best way forward. Have no fear as long as one has no ill intentions against them. Since this is a complicated society and there are no definite ways of pleasing each and every individual. Follow your heart and conscience before making a choice.

Avoid sheer resentment, which could easily cloud your judgment and fill with hatred against those that threaten your security or family wellbeing. In an uncontrollable moment, it could create more misery in your life. Learning to understand the situation could perhaps help to see the wider picture of the event, learning something from it and progressing forward with life. There will be other better opportunities and things to achieve out there. More importantly you manage to overcome the anger and frustration and become stronger than before. No doubt it could be a bitter pill to swallow but then again one will become wiser. Things should gradually improve for the better with time and you will be more than happy to move forward ahead with career and lifestyle.

In general, the Monkey fire element type will encounter early retirement, migrate, relocation or move to a new place of residence, job change or participate in a partnership business. Things are going to be more positive than negative and one is certainly better-off than before due to the changes in living environment or surrounded by loved ones. Minor divergences among family members or friendship could gradually lead to serious strains IF one continues to ignore their feelings. Pay more attention while driving and do not be easily distracted by the surroundings or others' misfortunes. Take appropriate care of personal belongings and avoid being a victim to theft due to ignorance or being too trustworthy of strangers.

Watch out for overgenerous spending that could land an individual with excessive financial debts and possibly resulting in stressful scenario. Financial gains for the year certainly depend on individual's industrious effort, performance and reliability. Take additional precautions when entering into new or major contracts with any institution, purchase or business transactions when approached. Making hasty decisions could also land an individual in serious trouble with the Law. For some, also not an excellent year for those who wish to get married, for one could end up in a divorce due to unforeseen circumstances within a short period of marriage. It's best to delay the marriage for another year. Married couples are more at odds with each other without any significant reason.

Born in the year of Rooster

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Continue to live and enjoy your present freedom lifestyle as long it does not interfere or bother certain dependants. No doubt one needs to exercise with care and to disregard personal safety when traveling alone is only going to cause endless nightmares for loved ones. Financial situation varies from one extreme to the other. On the plus side, those riding on some high investment portfolio need to take into consideration potential external threats from competitors or the involvement of inside dealing. On the negative side, one is advised to cut undesirable losses and make a fresh investment rather than clinging on for life. This is not the moment to take on high-risk investments when external factors are beyond one's control.

Not recommended to remain idle at this stage in life, where one should be venturing out in search of one's dreams or purpose in life. Perhaps contributing something back to society or doing things that could change the public concept. It will be a challenge that many would not dream about but this should not discourage you from progressing. Put aside personal relationship for the time being and focus on things or situations that ultimately reshape your lifestyle, career or traveling plans. Do not waste unnecessary time thinking in depth when opportunities knock on your door. Grab them and you should never look back again. Obviously there will be hidden dangers lurking in some of the situations and one need to weigh them before committing.

Try not to worry over things no matter how trivial it appears. What you contemplate them to be vital but unlikely in agreement with loved ones could ultimately result in disharmony. No matter how hard you may try to please family members or close relatives, you just cannot achieve as such. Some of your intentions are noble, but not necessarily to their liking. Why waste time and effort when you can spend time doing things you treasure or enjoy. By now you should be pleased with your career or business achievements and move on to others that are of importance to your personal choice. It does not mean you have to be selfish, but every now and then, you should treat yourself, and more importantly to pay attention to personal wellbeing from time to time in order to enjoy a fruitful lifestyle.

The year is going to bring about new challenges to family life and career development, especially for those that are still filled with burning desire and with energy to go about with daily chores. Ageing does not deter one from making progress or accomplishing more things for society in general. However need to take care or pay more attention to personal wellbeing, before the workload consumes your energy to exhaustion. For those involved in political affairs (huge organization or the public) there will be increased backstabbing scenarios, especially if you are with the winning party. Things will only become more ugly than anticipated and it will reach a point whom to trust anymore. IF you are not careful enough, the struggle could consume your energy, causing emotional stress or mental health. Ideally, if feasible pace yourself appropriately and avoid being forced into a corner.

An individual is going to come upon several positive moments or news that bring joy, happiness, financial rewards relating to family affairs, traveling, career or business prospects. For those running their own business, situation is improving on the previous year, increasing in workforce, sales or deliverables. Provided one manages well with the business plans, such efforts will be recognized by certain industries that are keen to offer new contracts or even offering a buy-out option. It is something that you would need to consider properly rather than merely be tempted by the financial offers. Long-term prosperity does depend on those that have been grafting and making the business a success. Personal wellbeing is important and if one has been neglecting such, just beware of pressure from work or business could result suffering from hypertension. Before it becomes too late, it is advisable to undertake a thorough medical examination to get peace of mind.

Born in the year of Dog

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

There are going to be greater up than down moments when dealing with personal finances, where one is caught with having to foot excessive bills for loved ones, family members or close friends/acting as guarantor. The positive side is that one is capable of earning more than in the previous year, hopefully with plans to start saving for a rainy day in the future. Under normal circumstances, having increased commitments would automatically encourage an individual to change lifestyle's priorities unless one chooses to live for today only and forget about tomorrow. Life is not always that fortunate for everybody and hopefully one would not have to learn through unforgiving ways when personal fortune could change for the worse. Do not consider the good moments will continue to last. For those that are restarting a new relationship, things can only become better provided one is prepared and willing to comply with the other party's requests or demands.

One is likely to encounter a promising start at the beginning of the year, especially those dealing in the financial, housing property, marketing, insurance or the legal systems. Do not treat initial success with over-confidence, thinking that one could merely rest on one's laurels, for the real struggle is yet to surface. There will be few tricky situations to either test or tempt you into having trouble with the Law. Hence one needs to have a clear conscience and give deep thoughts when being offered a lucrative deal that seems too good to resist. Just pause for a moment and consider "Is there such a thing as a free lunch in this modern society?" If one plays the cards right and wisely, one could have huge potential to earn substantial amounts during the year, provided one is willing to work hard to earn it. Do not expect to have a wonderful relationship especially for those that have been focusing on their career path development.

Beware of an unplanned pregnancy that could easily cause a strain to a relationship, especially when both parties are not yet prepared to start a family. Such experience encountered is not to be taken lightly for it could easily affect the emotional state. Neglect and ignorance of one's health is likely to create untold suffering not only to one-self but also to love ones and immediate family members. Hopefully one takes corrective action to abstain from negative activities and making appropriate amends. Adopting a stubborn attitude is not going to help in resolving a problem but could make the situation even more critical or difficult for those people involved. Hopefully one is prepared to take responsibility for mistakes made, time to grow up. Stepping into the society is a bold step and if you want others to treat you with respect, you will need to earn it through work and self-respecting behaviour.

One is advise to take extra precaution concerning wellbeing associated with health hazards while visiting foreign places with poor hygiene records, in order to avoid contagious disease or viruses. The other possibility for being taken ill is through the consumption of improper food and drink whereby one can encounter illness like jaundice high fever meningitis or tuberculosis. One can take precautionary measures by having certain injections prior to making trips to places notorious for such diseases. Other than this, the Dog type should enjoy good health throughout the year. One should also worry less about the rest of the family members, provided one does not act biased towards certain siblings. Otherwise internal conflicts will be unavoidable due to human natures, likes and dislikes. For those who have lost loved ones recently, try to move forward in life. There are many things ahead that await you to accomplish, dependent individuals or encountering strangers who become good friends or companion.

It is going to be quite a hectic year at work or business and family affair. Support and encouragement from husband, wife or partner will help making difficult tasks achievable with minimum fuss. One should not neglect personal wellbeing while continuing to provide care or assistance to the needy. Avoid having confrontations or trivial arguments wherever possible, which could jeopardize one's reputation. Adopting a patient and considerate approach dealing with tricky situation would help to lessen potential confrontations. Do not expect gratitude in return from those you helped along the way, for you may be rewarded in a more positive manner at some stage. Continue to hope for the best in life and avoid repeating mistakes through greed or temptation influence. The ability to overcome such challenges is not easy but with sheer determination and encouragement from supportive individuals, one should gradually accomplish their goal.

Born in the year of Pig

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

A mixed fortune for the Pig Metal element type where one is likely to experience a period of positive movement followed by either improbability or introvert moments. A large part is purely due to dissatisfaction or disillusionment; depending on which perspective it is viewed from. Many of you may apprehend since there is no single right or wrong answer or method to a problem and trying to achieve the most appropriate solution would require understanding and experience encountered. Perhaps the ability to strike a balance between the two could help an individual to overcome most of the complicated situations, but do not lower the guard when conditions seem less threatening. The road ahead to fulfilling various ambitions is still paved with uncountable surprises, hidden landmines, frustration, entrapment, anger, disappointment, joy, happiness or perhaps satisfaction at the end. Not a year to be adopting aggressive behaviour even though being confronted by ignorant individuals especially when dealing with the opposite gender.

Generally, it is going to be another year of success associated with career progress, business development, educational achievement and or family stability for those that have been working conscientiously and not giving up hope too easily when the tough get going. One will be more occupied with additional responsibilities inheriting bigger roles or management. The ability to continue with the success would also depend on family members' support and or loved ones. Other than the hectic daily schedules, one is reminded not to neglect personal wellbeing concerning the liver, kidneys, bowels and or muscular systems throughout the year. Be mindful of the situation and avoid taking chances and think of those dependents. When faced with certain deadlines take the trouble and time to review the finer details rather than merely relying on others or taking their word.

Focus on things that one normally does best because there have been high expectations from the management within a team or organization. Make or break depends on certain decisions made by you and one could be under enormous pressure to deliver. One can still deliver provided one does not lose concentration and obtains the appropriate assistance. The task will only get tougher and tougher as one approaches the final goal. Take a rest if necessary but just do not give up easily. No doubt you could be at an infant stage of your career progress, but given the opportunity to take an initial lead, demonstrate maturity and responsibility. Need to be careful of personal health conditions at the same token.

The influence of money is not to be undermined. Money sometimes makes the world go round and it could be classified also as the root of all evil; causing destruction or suffering to human lives. Hence one needs to be wise when trying to help those with financial difficulties. Otherwise your good intentions could turn negative for the recipients. Things should work out fine in the end provided those involved are cooperating with each other. Sometimes one should feel good to be able to provide some assistance to the needy. For those dealing in business, one may expect profits to increase by a few fold, but not without financial risks. As long as one exercises some basic sense of moderation, one should not encounter financial hardship throughout the year.

One should be prepared for potential hectic schedules during the year relating to career progression, business diversity, family members relationship, and personal relationships, relocation/migration or traveling plans. The success attained during the year may alter your life prospects, prompting you to look at things from a different approach. However it is equally important not to allow pride, ego and past negative experiences to preventing you from reaching your dreams. When facing a tricky situation, the ability to reach a compromise solution when parties involved are willing to meet halfway. Just be aware that dealing with human nature is a complex art in itself and it is a continuous learning journey till the last breath. No doubt one is likely to experience countless encounters, ranging from mysterious, eccentric, funny, horrible, aggressive or compassionate types. Have no fear when facing such new encounter, as long as you remain calm and retain your faith.

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