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28th Jan. 2017 to 15th Feb. 2018

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World Prediction


The beginning of the 'Fire Rooster Element' year is filled with numerous uncertainties and scare mongering strategies among the top few leading economic nations, hoping to win-over smaller nations to their side or to be more influential. Globally the world economy will perform better than last year, where more nations, especially third world and developing nations will achieve much higher progress than the rest. For nations with monstrous foreign debts and enduring deficit trades, such nations will struggle to reduce such imbalance. Riots, protests or public strike actions will be more frequent than before, causing significant disruption to public services. The respective government will encounter increased dissatisfaction, forcing some to implement drastic measures to curb escalating imbalances. During moments of chaos and panic, some nations will be able to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit.

Throughout the year, the global financial imbalance will grow apart further; weaker nations continue to fall behind those of developed nations. Certain coastal southern African nations regions will be able to achieve higher growth than neighboring nations, which indirectly creates tense relationships that could lead to minor economic retaliations. Redevelopment associated with public service infrastructure, high-tech and food research cultivation will increase by several folds. Demand for energy resources will outpace other service industries, resulting in increased inflation pressures on many governments.

The world economy will ultimately be driven by a combination of Central Asia and Asia regions continuous development growth instead of relying on the Western nations. Europe and Middle East economic progress will be volatile due to respective uncertainty inter-government relationships and instable civil unrest crisis. The dependence on crude oil resources utilization for energy generation gradually declines during the year since alternative renewal energy resources are gaining ground among developed and developing nations.

International matters

New civil wars or unrests are likely to spread across a larger region of Europe and Middle Eastern regions. Despite numerous governments and The United Nations effort to curb the escalation, it will incur more civilian bloodshed before the situation can be contained to manageable levels. Unless a joint-concerted effort can be reached between the super power nations, eradicating those rebels will be near impossible. Security instability and chaos within the regions will escalate creating fear and anxiety among the public. Immigration pressure creates more problems for neighboring nations that were forced to change their humanitarian views.

Efforts to restore peace within the European block are fraught with increasing discontentment among the different factions. There are no immediate ending to reach a peaceful means. In fact, more fighting and killings will continue and majority of the civilians will suffer as a consequence. Changes in government ruling parties are likely to create more economical uncertainties and security instability. With new rulings and regulations imposed, things will change that affect inter-movement and business transactions. It will take a while to adapt to the new rulings for those affected.

The protests by Asian Nations against China's claims for the South East Asia Sea will not reach an amicable settlement despite endless effort. China will continue to flex its muscle in the region for overall control over the navigational sea routes. Some Countries will continue to put a check against China's increasing dominance in the region. No doubt increasing the occasional bilateral tensions between some nations and yet not prepared to start a war over the differences.

The Korean Peninsula will experience more social unrest and discontentment by the citizens due to government changing and demanding policy; affecting their quality life styles. Disruptive public services will increase over the years affecting economic performance especially in the tourism industries.

Security surveillance will increase for most nations that are under terrorists' threats or attacks. This will affect interaction and movement of goods and foreign travel. New technological countermeasures in place to curb the aggression but a few incidents will somehow manage to slip through the net. It will be a huge challenge for the government to control the risks, for the threading situation will continue to evolve with the changing tactics. Inter-government could be spending huge sums into monitoring individual's movement patterns via the digital web base, involving communication, transactions, financial status, medical background, assets, and other related historical background. Infiltrating into such finite personal privacy database may result in public protests, which will be to no avail. More new sophisticated artificial satellites will be launched into space to meet with the increasing demands - communication, commerce, research, counter intelligence/surveillance measures and warfare purposes.

There is no room for complacency against counter terrorism attacks from external rogue regimes as well as internally and the government will take all necessary precautionary measures to protect its borders and internal security. Provided the government is prepared to think outside the box, and then it will have a much better chance of success in anticipating the threats well in advance.


The competition for the world's largest economy will dominate the frontal news again. New orders imposed by some Countries will temporarily hold the aggression but will not totally deter some Governments from progressing. Even tough some nations will have numerous fall-outs from the onset but eventually will come to their senses and reach an amicable agreement, patting each other's back with a handshake.

Politically they will still appear friendly on the global stage, despite the internal differences in other political sensitive issues. China will continue to achieve their target for the financial year in terms of economic growth but they are also fighting a battle against increasing protectionism from the Western nations. It will not be smooth sailing either for the Western nations in dominating the global business transactions despite their efforts. All the success stories will incur a hefty price to pay.

The first shock wave in Europe's disharmonious business partnership departure - Britain Exit from the European Union will send out ripple effects to the rest of world international trading nations. Such consequence will continue to affect the global financial services industries stability for a while. No doubt it would shake-up the financial industries but ultimately Britain will still remain the most favorite nation or global financial center for business dealings.

The European Union will have their own internal battles in solving the various disparities and economic performance. Increasing new memberships to the European Union is more complicated than envisaged and with the internal struggle for influence or dominance, situation will become more complex. Adhering to the four basic core values will be a real test for those nations that may not be able to deliver as per the rules and regulations without causing dissatisfaction or discrimination within the European Union. Potential fallouts could increase from few other nations within the block, which could destabilize the European Union.

Weather and the environment

Frequent Sun flare storms will affect those satellites orbiting around planet earth, causing significant disruption to the digital services industries. Under such circumstances there are no counter measures that the humans can deploy. With the increasing sun's flares, it will cause the temperature on earth to rise on a global scale, affecting livestock, increasing draught or arid regions while causing mayhem with excessive rainstorms in other parts of the world. Such imbalance of nature's weather effects will create indescribable suffering to the human and animals, either due to increased flash flooding, landslides, hurricanes or tornados. The Artic pole iceberg will continue to degrade at much quicker pace than ever known to mankind.

The global weather changes will continue to bring destruction and disruption to new regions of the globe - involving deforestation, famine, and the spread of new viral diseases. The new viruses will also affect humans and animals. Earthquakes are more frequent and intense too causing destruction to the public despite advanced warning systems in place. New scientific discoveries of the planetary behaviors should shed new light on the weather pattern and consequences, altering previous views of global warming scenarios.

Pollution level is increasing at alarming rates for countries that are unable to contain or reduce the consumption of burning fossil fuels; resulting in increasing death from poisonous fumes. There will be no end to endless suffering as long as the human race is unprepared to change for the betterment of the environment. Unfortunately the younger and future generation will continue to face the consequences due to the present generation's continuous ignorance to take corrective steps to eradicate the damages.

Year Chart Five Elements Chart for all signs

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Born in the year of Rat

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Need to tread carefully during the year in association with personal financial or business transactions, where one will be fighting an enduring battle with those you have dealings with. If feasible, it is advisable to resolve any dispute by amicable means rather than resolving via the legal channels, where the odds of winning are not promising. Perhaps you can minimize the impact or likelihood by indulging in more charitable activities without ulterior motives. On the whole, it is not a very welcoming year for you but it does not mean there are no positive opportunities either. Avoid the thought of taking short-cuts for trivial benefits or financial gains because the consequences could be several times worse.

Professional career, relationship and personal wellbeing will require extra care and consideration. Do not respond spontaneously when provoked during debate or discussion. Take more time to digest what others are saying; get their meanings or intentions. This way, you could avoid embarrassing yourself in front of the audience. Furthermore, take extra precautionary measures in avoiding confrontation with the Law, ranging from driving offences to public disturbance or protests. Even though you could be in the right, ensure you have substantial evidence to prove your innocence when called for. Likely to incur unforeseen financial expenses that you have been saving for religiously.

Career development and personal relationship will exceed your expectation during the year. Circumstances are beyond your imagination and you will be feeling happier than previous year. Whatever achievements attained will propel you wanting to do much better; encouragement and support from loved ones or family members will give you more confidence. The year will be fruitful for those dealing with construction, transportation, electronic, agricultural and financial industries. Despite all the positives events, you will need to watch out for personal wellbeing and do not neglect it due to hectic schedules. Without an able health and mind, one cannot achieve things with ease and comfort.

Avoid fighting fire with fire during the year. No matter how serious the issues or relationship becomes, try to remain calm and sensible. Things could get out of control due to intolerable attitudes or during the heat of an argument, saying wrongful or hurtful things without real intent. But it could be too late for certain circumstances. Tolerance and patience will enable an individual to overcome several major incidents in relation to business, family relationship, or friendships. It is easy to make an enemy but very difficult to admit one's mistakes or apologies.

One is likely to perform better with career development, educational or business dealings during the year. Things are more positive and one will take control of life style and wellbeing within reason. No doubt, certain relative old interests will fade away in the distance where one will discover new adventures and move forward ahead. It will change your life perspective ahead, doing things so differently from the norm. It surprises others or close-friends that have known you for a considerable time.

Born in the year of OX

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Family affairs will take precedence over other issues for the year, where one will be more involved with the management of loved ones. No matter how busy or tired one may be, you should not give up the situations that are dearest to your heart. However do not neglect personal wellbeing due to the circumstances. There are others urgent and vital issues that need attending too and this would certainly demand enormous energy, which you cannot afford to neglect. Whatever the outcome, you would have tried your utmost best and others should not blame you for not trying enough to make things as best as you can.

Beware of personal relationship that shows early signs of distress, partly originates from misunderstandings or mistrusts issues. Try not to allow such issues from escalating further, where both parties will not be on speaking terms for a while. Even though such situation could happen with a relationship, but just be mindful that it will not lead to a formal divorce situation. It will also affect concentration on the career or business performance, not to mention the emotional stress for those with children. It can be a tough year but not necessarily it will have to happen as such provided both parties are prepared to resolve the differences amicably like grown-ups.

For those with ambitious career, educational or business-oriented mind, one tends to concentrate or focus the entire energy into achieving the targets set at the beginning of the year. No doubt it will be a real challenge for those that are still single and not easily distracted. For those in a steady relationship, distractions could be other challenges that need to be overcome. This would make things more difficult to achieve and if you are not careful, you could burn yourself out prior to achieving your target. Striking a balance between the two will mean that you will need to allow more time to fulfill the dreams. Unfortunately you will not be able to accomplish the two within the year.

There are two extreme scenarios, where one would be very eager to do things in a certain manner and equally at the same time, personal health issues or wellbeing may not necessarily allow one to fulfill such ambitions. Unfortunately there is no easy or simple answer to such dilemma, except reaching a compromise rather than taking things to the extreme and suffer the consequences. Obviously you have the choice to decide the preferred outcome. It is advisable to take the moderate route so that you can enjoy both desires without incurring too much inconvenience or trouble to those involved as well.

Personal health or wellbeing needs to be given a priority irrelevant how preoccupied one could be involved or dealing with activities that may benefit the public. For those involved with political issues, dealing with on-going matters will require more than suggestions or proposals, for the talking of getting things done is over. Actions are required and about the right time to implement those concepts that would benefit the nation and public as a whole. As long as you have a capable wellbeing, things will get done with the right support and dedication. Just be weary others could be deploying dirty tactics to discredit your efforts.

Born in the year of Tiger

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

One is never too old or too late to continue working on things that you love and enjoy doing while still developing such strong desire. Even though the thoughts do occasionally strike your mind, wondering when it is time to call it a day. Do not allow others to discourage you even though their thoughts could be noble or concerned for your wellbeing. As long as you are aware of your personal health condition, continue with things as far as you can without troubling loved ones or having them worry about your wellbeing.

The year will go by so quickly that before you realize, another year is gone. You will be busy with family affairs, career, business and managing others organizations that just do not leave enough time for yourself. Yes, it will be a tiring year indeed but at the same moment, an enjoyable type with numerous ups and downs too. You will be able to deal with the changing scenarios as they unfold randomly that are sometimes beyond your control. In order to minimize the negative impacts, just avoid taking instructions from others without formal legal documentation or written instructions before implementation.

Likely to settle down for good for those that have been in relatively steady relationship. It is also a good year for those that intend to relocate to another place or organization for work. Traveling to foreign places is prominent throughout the year either for work purposes or pleasure. However need to be vigilant with personal safety in association with sport activities, daily routines and traveling on the road. Pay closer attention to hygiene dealing with food and drink consumption. For the career type, be prepared to work harder disregarding others' comments that may have different opinions of your efforts.

Misinterpretations of situations or misunderstandings could easily lead to unfriendly confrontation for parties involved. During the year, such scenario is likely to occur on a frequent basis, which is unavoidable. Dealing with the situation does require patience and skill. Before responding, allow the benefits of the doubt while conducting your own background search for the truth. You will be surprised with what you discover after thorough efforts and time spent. Some may try to frame things and put the blame on you. Do not trust others with ease including some of your close friends or colleagues.

Reflecting on the past and certain negative memories will not help to heal the drifts or historical disputes between family members or siblings. Life is too short to continue fighting each other either for personal interests or pride. Hopefully peaceful means of resolving the differences can be reached without third parties interference. No doubt you too would prefer to overcome the dispute within the family circle and not be made common knowledge by the media.

Born in the year of Rabbit

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Keep going when the road ahead appears to be hilly and winding. When you manage to struggle up the peak, you will then enjoy the ride downhill with ease. Under such pretexts, when applied to those still in career or business dealings, do not give up the challenge when facing an uphill task. You will ultimately overcome them and later enjoy the fruits of your labor. One other important thing to bear in mind is to maintain a healthy state of body and mind. Without a healthy state, one may not be able to achieve your dreams with ease.

A major change to your life style: concerning personal relationship, career's development, health, creations, research, manufacturing or dwelling. Events happening exceeded your expectations and you will be dumbfounded dealing with some of the intriguing issues. When things are happening too rapidly where you do not have sufficient time for preparation, you will need to adapt and respond to the circumstances. The ability to improvise promptly will ensure the optimum outcome.

You could be standing at the crossroads, wondering which appropriate direction to head. Despite several expert advices, you are uncomfortable with their opinions and still have personal doubts. Unless you are prepared to take the initial step, no one can decide your fate. Take control of your destiny and as you travel along the path, encountering new situations or challenges; you will need to deal with them as best as you can. Adopting a live and learn attitude, you should be able to reach your destination, but not necessarily with ease. Ultimately it will change your view of life and those loved ones around you.

Making mistakes is no big deal as long as one does not keep repeating them and not learning from them, then it could eventually become a negative habit. In fact everybody makes mistakes in their life's journey and that is how one learns to be wiser by the day through the mistakes made. Be respectful and continue to learn from those wiser individuals. What you learn will stay with you for the rest of your life and hopefully you can utilize the skills and talents for the betterment of society. You will not know your efforts can benefit others who may be facing certain hardships.

Poor eye sight or loss of hearing could prevent you from venturing out to socialize with close friends and family members. Consult the medical professional at your earliest possible opportunity and do not keep delaying or making excuses for fear of the procedures. With the advancement of the medical technology procedures, you would be surprised how simple and easy it is to rectify the problem without major intrusive process. It will improve your lifestyle and you will never look back and feel the same as before.

Born in the year of Dragon

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

There is no easy and simple solution to your dilemma concerning family affairs, disputes and or loyalty. Situations can only escalate further as long as parties involved are not prepared to compromise or willing to accept the outcome. Those still actively engaged with business management will need to be extra vigilant with their terms of the contracts and do not underestimate opponents or taking things for granted based on trust or word of honor. Be wise and prepared to adopt with the latest rules and regulations rather than sticking with the old style of transactions. Need to move along with the flow of time and improvise whenever necessary. Maintaining vital health is essential for personal wellbeing and busy schedule.

During the year, you will be pre-occupied with activities ranging from, businesses, traveling, explorations, venturing into new territories, home improvements, and/or indulging in something that you have never done before in your life. Things or events happening that would be beyond your wildest imagination, but you could have your hands full. Even though it would be very challenging dealing with the various encounters but with enthusiastic interests and determination, you should be able to overcome them without much struggle, since you will be enjoying every moment of it. Whatever the achievements attained, try not to neglect personal wellbeing too, otherwise you may not be able to enjoy the fruits of your industrious efforts without impediment. Loved ones will be supportive along the way and you should be very appreciative of his/her support and encouragement.

Beware of personal safety and belongings during the year, dealing with daily routines. You could minimize the impact or consequences by being extra careful with planning, organizing, dealing and/or implementation; allowing more time and not taking things for granted. Rushing things through should be avoided at all costs if feasible. Even though you could be busy with the hectic schedules encountered, the situation will likely consume your energy more than the norm and you could become readily exhausted. In terms of financial situation, you will incur more expenditure due to increasing costs, overheads, unplanned events or medical bills. Despite such expenses, the net income or revenue for the year will be able to compensate for the unforeseen scenarios. Relationship is likely to be consumed with hatred and jealousy among rivals or old flames. Unfortunately it is not a very romantic period where relationship is concerned.

Family affairs will dominate or keep you occupied or create sleepless nights. Never easy especially being a parent, worrying for the children's wellbeing, safety, and educational progress. Continue to guide and nurture them with your best abilities and do not develop much expectation in return, for it could pile emotional pressure on them. Do not neglect personal career, likely to encounter fierce competition or even relocation due to company expansion plans. It could interrupt certain long-term plans of yours and you may be forced to delay some of them if necessary. Obviously this will not please the family or loved ones. Striking a balance will require to re-evaluate your priorities in life and socially. Whatever the decision made, hopefully you will have the full support of your family and loved ones.

No doubt you will be making progress with your career or business development during the year. However it could affect your relationship through lack of attention to loved ones. It is not simple to strike a balance between the two for your personal desire to achieve higher prospect with the career or business will take precedence over the relationship, unless you are prepared to sacrifice your career for the sake of love. Personal wellbeing needs attention too and hopefully individual will not ignore warnings from the doctors or heed historical injuries when engaging in competitive sports activities. At times it is not worth putting yourself in grave danger for the sake of winning.

Born in the year of Snake

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Pay special attention to personal wellbeing first before thinking or considering looking after loved ones or close friends. During the year, you will likely be wrestling with mobility issues if you do not take appropriate alleviation steps to improve present health status. It may be a tough challenge but at least you would be able to take control of certain elements without much hassle as long as you focus your mind and effort. Others still expect you to deliver or honor promises made and hopefully you will keep such promises without disappointment. This will keep you ticking over the year and discover that you still have lots to contribute to those that rely on you.

Still feeling full of vitality, dealing with day-to-day activities and do not appear to slow down either. It is an admiration amongst friends and family members. No doubt there is plenty to accomplish ahead in life and you are more than determined to do as much as you can as long as your wellbeing does not let you down. Others would tend to take things slower and enjoy life but not you, for you still have many ideas that keep you ticking. Whatever the circumstances, it is advisable not to neglect minute details prior implementation. Will incur additional expenditures during the year and on the precautionary side, do not rush into making decisions with any financial transactions or investments.

The ability to maintain on going career or business management will depend on your personal skills and human relationship with those that are particularly tricky to deal with. No doubt you will try your utmost best to keep things afloat even at the expense of sacrificing time and money where required. However family values are equally important to you too. Hence the ability to strike a balance will require support from loved ones and understanding from the rest of the family. Relationship could be strained if you do not or are unable to spend quality time with loved ones due to the hectic career or business progress. Take extra care with personal belongings.

It will be a fruitful year, involving career development, business progress, family members and relationship. Things or events happening more smoothly than expected and you will have plenty on hand to deal with. Fortunately you too have several supporting people around to assist in times of need and grateful for their kind consideration. No matter what the circumstances, you too need to pay special attention to personal wellbeing so that you can keep up with the pace and demand. Personal safety also needs special attention when traveling or driving. Avoid traveling to remote areas on your own and always inform others of your traveling plans.

Avoid contesting unnecessarily your superior's decisions on a frequent basis while you are undergoing certain learning curves. Advisable to keep your eyes and ears alert to the surroundings for you will learn a lot by being vigilant. Impatient attitude and adopting a stubborn stance would merely land you in trouble with the Law. Even though you could be right at times, try not to attract attention for the wrong reasons. Provided you manage to curb your impatience, you should be progressing fine with your career during the year. With relationship, do not develop too high an expectation from the other party. Otherwise you could encounter disappointment more frequently than intended. Just avoid rushing into making a permanent commitment when both parties are not in joint agreement.

Born in the year of Horse

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Lack of focus or concentration when dealing or managing certain schemes could land you in serious trouble with the Legal Systems, irrespective of whether you are right or not. During the year, pay particular attention to friends or colleagues whom you know and trust, especially the opposite gender. Other than trusting in people, try to adopt a humble attitude or low profile whenever feasible, and do not attract unnecessary or unwarranted attention for the wrong reason, especially in association with relationship. This is not an excellent year for showing-off and to counter as such, perhaps considering a year of learning or exploration in order to enhance your knowledge and experiences. Continue doing what you know best but do not stop there. Industrious effort and being vigilant will ensure a smoother transition period.

Be mindful of your bad back, rheumatism or historical injuries scenarios that could cause endless pain or discomfort with the changing weather conditions. Continue to take those prescribed medications and stick to healthy diet patterns too. Just be aware not to engage in strenuous activities that could increase the agony and prevent loved ones from constant nagging. Other than the health discomfort, you could enjoy traveling and keeping in touch with close friends or ex-colleagues. No point in worrying unnecessarily into the distant future, enjoy present life and the company of friends and loved ones.

Having or welcoming new member or members to the family would be one of the dreams and fulfillment in life. The year could be pre-occupied with increased workload, family and friends reunions and much traveling too. Under such circumstances, need to pay special attention to personal wellbeing to mitigate fatigue and or strain to the physical body. Otherwise the physical body could burn out quicker than it has the time and opportunity to recuperate due to lack of appropriate rest. No doubt you should continue to enjoy life style and hopefully would not overdo it at the expense of neglecting health condition.

Never can afford to stay still for more than necessary, not wishing to waste valuable time and always wanted to keep going with career pursuit, business expansion, keeping family values at heart or treating present relationship with great passion. With so many things keeping you occupied, active and alert, hopefully you do not neglect personal wellbeing, especially your heart condition or blood pressure. No doubt in your mind there is plenty to achieve ahead, but if you do not have a healthy state, your dreams could merely fade in front of your eyes. Take appropriate time to heed the physical body needs and if feasible try taking things to suit the pace.

Do not feel despair when things are not happening as intended, planned or wished. Certain situations are beyond your control or management where third or sub-sequent parties are involved. Rather than giving up the challenge easily, continue to plough ahead but perhaps with a new approach. You may need to try something that is out of the ordinary principles but ensure associate risks and hazards are taken into consideration. Think positive and before long, you would be amazed with your initial success. Just be mindful that what you gain, there is also a possibility that you will encounter a loss too at certain time.

Born in the year of Goat (Sheep)

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

As you probably had heard before, merely 'Talking could be Cheap'. It is about time that you should put the money where the mouth is; take action and less talk. Otherwise you would be acting like building a castle in the air, which will never happen. Putting to positive use based on what you learn or acquire, starting from the base. Having an ambitious mind is considered normal but you need to be realistic with your dreams too. Simple logic would agree that without an established base or solid foundation, one could perhaps build a single story building of lightweight construction material, instead of multi-story skyscraper. Continue to acquire all the necessary skills, knowledge and gradually build up your dream. Unfortunately there are no short-cuts in success.

Do not desire or wish for things that are almost near impossible to attain in life no matter how hard one has been praying on a regular basis. What will be, will be and there is no point blaming others for certain misfortunes either. Life can be full of mysteries for those that do not 'see' or appreciate the purpose or meaning of life. No doubt some of the sufferings are man-made or through ignorance and hatred. However you can at least try to understand the cause or roots of the situation and hopefully will have the strength to improve things for future generations. Obviously there are endless ways in addressing and the more vital thing is making the first step. With collective strengths, you should be able to contribute positive progress ahead.

One may start to feel tired or acknowledge the physical body's capability limitations; and should consider taking things slower than before. But it does not necessarily mean you will have to stop doing things or sports that you adored; perhaps scaling down some of them in order to suit the circumstances. There is a tendency to scale down on career pursuits or leaving things to progress on slower burners. Viewing life with a different perspective and wanting to enjoy more with family members or close friends. Never give up the challenges despite the encounters, but need to be mindful of wellbeing and diet patterns.

For those merely in a relationship instead of making a permanent commitment, beware of strenuous circumstances within the year. Even though being together for relatively long period, likelihood of a relationship split will happen for the wrong reason. Having a negative relationship, you may achieve some positive progress with career or business success. Life style could change or improve in term of materialistic world. If you treasure true friendship, you would need to work harder to regain their trusts or confidence. Pay more attention to personal health conditions rather than continue to neglect or abuse it. Do not ignore early deteriorating health symptoms. There is so much to accomplish ahead and it will be a real pity to simply throw away your life through personal health neglect.

You wanted more than what you already acquired and it appears that there is no end to your desires. In fact, no one should judge you for what you are. Adopting ambitious mind-set can be considered great, depending on individual's perspectives. Some may achieve them through industrious means and financial engagements. As long as you are prepared to implement things in ways that are unlikely to jeopardize others' livelihood or causing great suffering, one's conscience should be clear and has nothing to fear. Just be mindful with the present relationship which is deemed to be rock solid and it would be real shame if one starts to behave in unfaithful manner toward loved ones or partner.

Born in the year of Monkey

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Do not consider yourself invincible or superior over those that have to answer to you. Yes, no doubt you could be the classified as the 'blue eyes' within the organization at this moment, but considering the longer-term approach. Not forgetting that your success or achievement to date is also due to the combined efforts of fellow colleagues and those associated as well. If you are not careful and continue to behave in an arrogant manner, you will start losing genuine friends that word could spread around quickly that has negative impact on your reputation. Destroying a bridge is much easier but reconstructing a bridge will require a Herculean effort.

Do not spend too much time and energy associated with the relationship during this year, for it is most likely you will end up covered in cold water scenario irrespective of the gender. No doubt, you may not be able to avoid the highlight encounter, but do not build your hope too high. It is advisable to channel your energy and effort into something more worthwhile or meaningful - like educational progress, career, hobbies, or even venturing to foreign places in order to broaden your horizons. There is so much to learn out there but you will need to be extra vigilant with personal safety, financial matters and if feasible learning to be street wise too.

Keep up the good efforts in supporting the team, management or organizations that continue to progress well. Your contributions are valuable to the existing set-up and you will continue to perform and deliver greater success during the year. Positive relationship outcome will become common knowledge among family, friends or colleagues, where you have been trying to hide such secrets. No more hiding within the woods. It is going to be a good year for those involved in the construction, engineering, manufacturing, catering and mining industries. Financial income or asset will increase with career improvements. However do not neglect personal wellbeing along the process, which is equally important.

A good year for those that have been planning to relocate or move to another places to live and work. Things are finally happening and you will be more than thrilled with the outcome, - involving family members, supportive friends and colleagues and able to stay healthy and active too. There is so much to do and achieve during the year and at times you wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day. No matter where and what you are involved with, remember to deal each circumstance with grace, love and compassion. No doubt you could encounter some odd cases dealing with difficult individuals or those with strange behavior; just try your best. The responses will be rewarded in terms of peaceful and happy atmosphere.

Implement long overdue plans instead of continuing to delay the unavoidable situations; you will be more than pleased with the outcome once they have been out of the way. Loved ones and close friends are also happy for your success. Everyone can move forward and will never look back. For those planning to remarry or renew their vows, it will be a good year to do so, especially with the support of family members. It is a hectic year for those that are involved in the timber industries, IT or digital technology. However be mindful of certain minefields dealing with the contractual parts of the business.

Born in the year of Rooster

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Achieving your first success or record-breaking competition will be a memorable event that one will never forget. Many will be very proud of your success. Life style changing experiences follow and things will never be the same as before. Besides such accomplishment, do not disregard hidden dangers lurking in the background without your knowledge. What appears superficially peaceful or tranquil, you will need to be vigilant against those that are not satisfied with your status or reputation. Relationship scenario is like riding a roller coaster, ups and downs with twists and swirling rotations.

The year will evolve with new life changing experiences for those that decide to venture out further away from their usual base. No doubt you would have given sufficient thought before deciding. Do bear in mind that not everyone will always be fortunate enough to fulfill their dreams during their initial venture. As long as you are prepared to work hard towards your goal ahead, situations encountered will be fought with sheer determination and principle. It will not necessarily be smooth sailing either but you are likely to overcome the challenges with some friendly people along the way. There is so much to learn and provided you are vigilant enough, you should be able to differentiate right from wrong and group of people to be friends with. Personal wellbeing needs attention too and do not focus too much time with on-going relationship which could distract your concentration on your career development.

Sometimes dealing with family's relationship can bring certain joy and happiness as well as unhappiness or distress scenarios. This may depend on how you manage the circumstances. You could be the beacon of light for the family when your contributions are readily welcome or needed. No doubt you will try your utmost best to fend or provide for the family members wellbeing, comfort and happiness. Whatever the circumstances, you too need to look after your wellbeing and interests in life, even though you have been self-reliant most of your life. Time to reconsider your priorities and implement things you love best. As long as you manage to stay healthy and alert, you should not consider being ancient to engage with the rest of society or the outside world. It will be a real shame that the younger generations do not look up to you for inspiration and knowledge.

The year is filled with mixture of fortunate and unfortunate news or events, ranging from family affairs, friendships, businesses or career progresses. Juggling the mixed circumstances will consume large parts of your energy, finance and time. It is absolutely vital not to neglect personal wellbeing due to the hectic schedules or undertakings. No doubt you will be pre-occupied with such tasks and feeling exhausted on a frequent basis. Knowing that, try not to exert yourself when things are becoming tougher than envisaged. Only allow more time to drift if necessary. There is so much you could handle at a time and no point forcing yourself to continue with the battles. Beware of certain investments that may not necessarily be as secure as advised. You may need to cash in some of them when contended with the returns.

Pay special attention to personal health and wellbeing and do not ignore warnings from the medical professionals. If you are not careful, you could end up with serious illness that can be avoided. Hopefully it is never too late to rectify those negative habits. For married couples, the relationship is stronger than the norm where both parties appreciate each other's presence. Treating loved ones with foreign travel or lifetime vacation has been on the horizon. Harmonious family relationship is important to the happiness of the family. Career or business opportunities are progressing relatively smooth during the year and should be prepared to travel far and wide when the jobs dictate.

Born in the year of Dog

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Past events ought to be left behind and it is time to look forward, moving ahead and seeking out the most appropriate opportunities. Learn from the lessons and become wiser, more determined and try to improvise with the changing circumstances. Perhaps you could adopt others' positive strengths or approaches to enhance your weakness. There is no shame as such, for you may consider other's positive achievements or role as an inspiration to your dreams. Pay some attention to loved ones where relationship is concerned. Do not take things for granted that things are normal between the two of you. There are some tell-tale signs brewing which you may overlook. It is never too late to acknowledge the neglect and try your best to make up for those lost moments.

Being too ambitious with career or business pursuits at the expense of exploiting friendships' trust would be a recipe for disaster in terms of reputation and principles. No doubt you may gain or achieve some of your financial targets, but certainly you would lose a much more priceless deal - friendship and trust. No doubt the greed for money and temptation is difficult to resist, however it will require a much stronger mind-set and self-discipline to suppress such desires. Taking short-cuts to financial success may not necessarily last the distance. Surviving in this modern relatively closely-knit society, news would spread around the globe easily and like wild fire. You still have the choice to choose the right from wrong and hopefully would put your skill and talents to positive engagements for the greater benefit of society.

Avoid over spending on things or items when you do not have sufficient funding. The year of living dangerously is looming on the horizon and one is easily distracted by what others or friends are having. If you are not wise and careful enough, you will be lumbered with unnecessary financial debts that impede or affect your future career or credibility. You could certainly be misled or naive if you were to consider such practice as trendy, because others are doing it. Perhaps you have not heard the other side of the horror stories from those associated with emotional stress, sleepless nights or nightmares when struggling with debts repayment scenario. Wake up before it becomes too late falling into such financial burden, which one can certainly do without. It is advisable to channel your energy into learning more new trades or skills that could enhance earning capabilities.

Still filled with energy and fire within, where one is unprepared to retire for the sake of retirement. No doubt loved ones have grave concern for your wellbeing and wishing that you would slow things down to much more comfortable levels in tandem with your health condition. It is obvious that your mind is alert and active but you need to heed the physical body agility and capability. There are alternative activities that you can engage with other than working or running the businesses. It is difficult to suddenly stay ideal when you have been active all along your life. With the support, encouragement and loves from the family, perhaps you should reconsider the various options.

Do not restrict yourself with personal skill, knowledge limitation or the ability to fend for loved ones or family. Continue to progress at your pace and if necessary improve on those weaknesses. Just do not compare with those that are performing better than you; that will probably create resentment. If you keep reminding that you are hopeless as a consequence of past mistakes, no one will be able to help you unless you are prepared to help yourself and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Furthermore, no one is born perfect either; hopefully one will learn from the mistakes and avoid repeating such mistakes. During the year, there are ample opportunities to excel with career progress or business developments. Provided you have the full support from loved ones, you should be able to concentrate on the career or business paths. Putting the above aside, it is also important to pay close attention to the personal wellbeing - relating to breathing, muscular or spinal discomforts. Reluctance to seek treatment or stubborn will merely prolong the agony and certainly not help to ease the pain.

Born in the year of Pig

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(Five Elements Chart for all signs)

Be cautions with personal wellbeing and safety associated with diets patterns, laborious activities, tedious or long working hours and traveling. No matter how busy or preoccupied, one should take adequate care and time where safety is concerned. Just imagine those dependents or loved ones IF mishaps were to happen. Historical family disharmony is causing an agony that is unlikely to reach an amicable solution for parties involved. You can only do your best and no point in dwelling in the past. During the year, try not to adopt an aggressive approach when dealing with the LAW. It is also not an ideal year to expend on business dealings even though others may approach you. Continue with the current progress and avoid taking short-cuts or cutting corners. Otherwise the LAW will knock on your door sooner than you imagine.

The ability to work diligently and appeasing those that could bring financial reward, profit or career promotion could help you to overcome some of the difficult challenges. Need to be wise enough to know the circumstances and not a year for direct confrontation with organizations, competitors or individuals. For those considering starting a family or having additional members to the family ensures full agreement with loved ones or partner. This is indeed a good year for family expansion. For personal finance matters, it is advisable to spend wisely on things or activities that are appropriate or meaningful. Be prepared that the yearly outgoings are greater than the norm.

Stop daydreaming that often; instead concentrate more on education or spend valuable time dealing with skills or handicrafts that could help to propel your future career. One can also be easily distracted by trivial subjects or activities or influenced by friends that are thinking of enjoyment and not interested in self-improvement. You should be smart enough to tell the difference between right and wrong. At this stage be mindful for it is certainly too early to be involved in a relationship with someone that is much older than you. It will cause endless sleeplessness and worrying for the parents and family members. On the financial aspects, beware of people or organizations trying to scam your money via digital means.

Family's harmony and loving relationship are important as far as you are concerned and should try to ensure that relationship with the rest of the family member remains as strong as feasible irrespective of the differences, which are unavoidable. However try not to force certain sensitive issues that those involved are not prepared to engage with. In terms of career or business prospects, situation continues to move forward with speed and you could be lumbered with more choice or additional workload. Despite as such, it is advisable not to disregard personal wellbeing or discomfort that could impede agile movement. Having a regular meal and diet pattern is important to the health condition. Foreign travel is prominent on this year's calendar and loved ones should be appreciative of your consideration and efforts.

Another fruitful year ahead for those involved with the construction, engineering, mining, intellectual, finance or inventions industries. Things are gathering at much quicker pace and you will need to stay healthy and fit in order to keep up with the pace. As long as you are capable to stay in the race, your career or business prospects will grow with the changing progress. However you need to be attentive to certain tricks of the trade, where others would wish to exclude you from the competition. No doubt it is a tough task where business is concerned, so hence you may need to work twice as hard or not lower your guard. Be wary of others including colleagues who are jealous of your increasing success during the year. As long as your conscience is clear, you have nothing to fear but you still need to take mitigation action against them. For those with investments schemes, be careful of false speculations that tend to hype the markets, especially with the digital concepts or associated with mega data base diversities.

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