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Yen Dynasty (B.C. 723 - 221) 
was first settled in this area.


Yuen Dynasty (A.D. 1280 - 1368) 

under the leadership of Kublai Khan called the capital Da -du (Big Capital).


Ming Dynasty (A.D.1368 - 1644) 

named the capital as Beijing (Northern Capital).


Qing Dynasty (A.D. 1644 - 1911) 
retained Beijing as their Capital.


The Constitution of the People's Republic of China

declared Beijing as the Capital of the Nation in 1949. Today, Beijing is the political and cultural center of the People's Republic of China.

Public Transports

**Do check out the up-to-date information via the Official web-site



Between 05:00 to 22:30

Subway entrance.


Airport Bus

****Do check out the up-to-date routes from the airport!!

Beijing Capital Airport is located about 25 kilometers (16 miles) at the Northeast part of Down Town Beijing.

Airport Shuttle Bus:

From 05:30 to 23:00

Each route will stop at several places before reaching destination, do check the required destination before boarding.

Hotel Shuttle

Most Major Hotels provide either free shuttle service or with a charge to and from the Airport.


Local Bus

It is quite complicated for the tourist to understand the Stops in Chinese, instead just check out the required Bus number, with the help of your hotel to write down the destination Stop in Chinese, show to the bus-driver when aboard.

Well, without a doubt, just the bus journey is quite an adventure, where one can experience the local life. Use the bus route as the Stop and Start system to explore the area, it surely is great fun.


Bus number is normally located at the left hand front of the Bus, next to it, is the name of the first stop and the destination, the vertically names are places that the bus will stop at, all in Chinese.

Two types of bus and fares:-

1) Pay when boarding at the front, exact fare require, no change given, get off at rear.

2) Bus conductor will collect fare on board, fare charges according to the distance of the journey.

(At each bus stop, a sign-post is clearly indicated --
bus number, first stop and the destination as well as their Stops...etc)


Airport Taxi

Airport Taxi - Metered taxi, extra fare after 23:00, do enquire before getting in.

Taxi in the City-area

a) Be sure the meter is turned on when journey begins and remember the taxi number in case of complaint or reclaim items left in the taxi.

b) Have destination name written in Chinese in case driver does not understand English.

c) Do not accept for those asking, "Do you need a taxi?" at the roadside.

d) A receipt will be issued at the end of the ride. (Must ask for receipt "far-pale" .)

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