The Capital city of 

Guang Dong Province

Summer: Hot - averages between 25 C. & 30 C.

Winter: Mild and pleasant

Typhoon: 8 to 10 gale force strikes in this part of China several times a year between July and September.


Guang Zhou (also known as Canton or Five Goats City), the capital city of Guang Dong province, is situated at the Southern part of China, one of the major busy gateways to Mainland China via Hong Kong or Macao. This place is associated with trade routes, making it a center for foreign commerce for over 2000 years.


The First settlement was founded in third century B.C. (Han Dynasty - B.C. 206 - 220 A.D.), and the first foreign visitors from Rome (Italy) and India were also recorded during this period.


Tang Dynasty (A.D. 714), the first trading port was formally established and officials were appointed to oversee the foreign trades.


In 10th Century, the capital of Southern Han known as Xing Wang Su was established here, which maintained and developed trading relationships with Persian and Arabian traders.

4) In 1514, Portuguese traders arrived, followed by Spanish, Dutch, British, etc.

City Map

(R1) Railway Station - to the North

(R2) Railway Station - to Hong Kong

Ex Exhibition Center

(1 to 10) Places of Interest

Huan Shi Lu (Road) - consists of three sectors:-

Huan Shi Dong Lu 
(eastern sector)

Huan Shi Chong Lu 
(middle sector)

Huan Shi Xi Lu 
(western sector)

Dong Fung Lu (Road) - consists of three sectors:-

Dong Fung Dong Lu 
(eastern sector)

Dong Fung Chong Lu 
(middle sector)

Dong Fung Xi Lu 
(western sector)


Chong Shan Lu (Road) - consists of eight sectors:-

Chong Shan Yi Lu 
(first sector - eastern side)

to Chong Shan Bai Lu 
(eighth sector - western side)


Operating Time:-

6:18 am to 11:00 pm

Monday to Thursday

6:18 am to 11:30 pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Choose language version from the ticketing machine, followed by destination station, insert the required fares, a black round token will be dispensed.

Note:- Passengers can get small change from Service Counter in the foyer.

Ex Exhibition Center (2.16)

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