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Hong Kong Island Map


Central Map

The Peak

Hong Kong Island Map

Main Roads

a Connaught Rd. West and Central

b Queen's Rd. West and Central

c Hollywood Rd.

d Des Voeux Rd. Central

e Gloucester Rd.

Hennessy Rd.

g Johnston Rd.

h Queen's Rd. East

MTR (subway)

1 Sheung Wan

2 Central

3 Admiralty

4 Wan Chai

5 Causeway Bay

MTR MapTop

Central Map


Places of interest:

Statue Square Bank of China HSBC Bank Old Supreme Court 

Landmark City Hall Star Ferry 

a. Lan Kwai Fong

b. Escalator-Central-Mid-levels

c. Pottinger Street

d. Li Yuen Street West

e. Li Yuen Street East

Top Central                                 Island Map - C

Central is the heart of the Island with some of the most expensive land in the world. There are countless modern skyscrapers occupied by banks and commercial corporations living side by side with ancient Temples, old Chinese and British colonial style buildings, local market places and shopping arcades that make this place an ever-changing kaleidoscope with its own identity. Just sitting around and watching the world pass by is quite an experience!

Statue Square

Travel on foot along Chater Road to Statue Square that used to contain a number of statues and where you can still find the war memorial. 

On the south side is the imposing Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building (photo below) Bank of China building (photo below). 

On the east of the square is the Old Supreme Court (photo below), no longer used for this purpose but a magnificent piece of colonial architecture. Spending a few moments to sit around and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere is highly recommended. 

Each Sunday the square and the surrounding streets are filled with thousands of Filipino servants who gather to meet with their friends, gossip, eat and tell each others news from their hometown.

MTR-Island Line - Central

Left - Bank of China Building       Right - Hong Kong & Shanghai bank

Bank of China


Striking structure, opened in 1989. It was the tallest building in Hong Kong, but was overtaken by Central Plaza (Wan Chai) in 1992. After this building was completed, the Feng Shui masters were busy working in the surrounding buildings to find a solution to counter-act the bad Feng Shui this new building created. (It resembles sharp-points OR knifes pointing to the surrounding buildings.)

MTR-Island Line - Central

HSBC Bank - Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank

Situated in the front of Statue Square, along Queen's Rd. Central, stands the most expensive building in the world, cost about USD1.3 Trillion, 52 storeys high with two bronze lions (Stitt & Stephen) guarding the main entrance. This smart building is equipped with special computer controls and set-up enabling the reflection of the sun-light to beam down to the main hall.

MTR-Island Line - Central

Old Supreme Court

The colonial style building stands on the east side of Statue Square.

MTR-Island Line - Central



In front of Des Voeux Road stands a five-storey complex, designed around a large inner courtyard with a computerized musical fountain in the center, housing more than 100 shops.

MTR-Island Line - Central

City Hall

This is built on reclaimed land site in 1962 opposite to Star Ferry, it consists of municipal administration offices, concert hall with 1500 seats, exhibition rooms, rooms for musical recitals, art galleries and restaurants.

MTR-Island Line - Central

Star Ferry  

Conveys people between Central (Hong Kong Island) and Tsim Sha Tsui on the south of Kowloon peninsular. It has crossed the Victoria Harbor in eight minutes for more than 100 years already.

It is worth making this trip twice: 

once by day to see the extent of the harbor and the impressive skyline; 

once by night to see the magnificent lights of Hong Kong and Kowoon, a sight which cannot be rivaled in any part of the world.

MTR-Island Line - Central or from Kowloon - Tsim Sha Tsui

Kowloon side - Star Ferry

TopMTR Map

Lan Kwai Fong        Central Map - a

About five minutes walk from MTR, situated between D'Aguilar Street and Wyndham Street, an extensive area of trendy wine bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants. 

When nights falls this place will be liven up, filled mostly by the younger professionals, both local and foreign.

MTR-Island Line - Central- Exit D1

From the Editor:

Information from Mr. Jones (U.K.):

During 'Happy Hour', a beer cost about USD$0.80 (2005), and the 'Happy Hour' period lasts for a few hours. 

'Lovely Jubbley'! 

TopMTR Map

Escalator - Central to Mid-levels               Central Map - b

The 800 meters walkway runs alongside from Jubilee Street near Connaught Road Central via Central Market, Cochrane Street, Shelley Street to Mid-Levels, is the world's longest escalator. It takes the residents of the Mid-levels district down to work in the mornings and back in the evenings. Nowadays, Shelley Street, Stanley Street and Elging Street known as "So Ho" food district, offers a wide range of International restaurants, bars and pubs.

MTR-Island Line - Central-Exit D1


Takes people up to mid-levels in the evening

Li Yuen Street East      Central Map - e

Li Yuen Street West        Central Map - d

These two roads are both a no-car zone shopper's paradise, parallel to each other between Queen's Road Central and Des Voeux Road, so jam-packed with stalls and shops that the temptation of "come & get me" is hard to resist.

MTR-Island Line - Central

TopMTR Map

Pottinger Street             Central Map - c

This is located on the western side of Queen's Road Central; it is parallel to D'Aguilar Street and is about five minutes walk from MTR - Central. The steps are the special feature of this road; the first part of the road when turning from Queen's Road Central has been re-laid with concrete steps, but the upper part of the path still has the traditional old-fashioned stone slabs. In the old days people were carried up the path in sedan chairs for a fee. (Good old Hong Kong)

There are plenty of small stores and shops selling various type of knick-knacks, souvenirs and cloth(s) on both sides of the path. One should not miss a slow walk up the path observing the life-style of the local people.

MTR-Island Line - Central

new concrete steps

old stone steps


The Peak

Hong Kong skyline is simply fabulous that words cannot be describe it. One first has to experience the funicular railway, the Peak Tram, climbing to 396 meters above sea-level to the summit, slowly witnessing the spectacular panoramic view opening up. When darkness falls on a clear day, the skyline twinkles with the neon advertisements lights, street lights and lights from thousands of buildings, guaranteeing you do not go home disappointed.

Trams run daily from 7:00 to 12 midnight at 10 to 15 minutes interval. The wok-shaped Peak Tower offers a Viewing Terrace, restaurants, shops, entertainment etc.

Peak Tram

Wok-shaped Peak Tower

Hong Kong harbor view

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