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Sheung Wan Map

Sheung Wan (Sw in map)

1. Man Mo Temple

and Hollywood Rd.

2. Temples

3. Wing Lok Street

H.K. Macau Ferry Terminal

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Sheung Wan

Hollywood Road         Sheung Wan Map - 1

Get off from MTR in the direction of Wing Lok Street from where many small roads take you up the hill to Hollywood Road, which then leads into Lower Lascar Road (known to tourists as Cat Street). 

In these streets are a myriad of antique and bric-a-brac shops, the perfect place for unusual souvenirs or, possibly, genuine antiques for the serious collectors. Most of the side streets in this area are packed with stalls selling cheap clothing, leather goods, food and everything needed in everyday life at prices that you will not find in the shopping plazas.

MTR - Island Line-Sheung Wan

Temples                   Sheung Wan Map - 2

Both Temples are located in a same small street parallel to the western part of Hollywood Road

1) Kuan Yin Miu (Goddess of Mercy Temple) (The oldest temple in Hong Kong)

2) Chi Kung Miu (Temple) 

(see photo below)

MTR-Island Line- Sheung Wan

Kuan Yin Miu (Goddess of Mercy Temple)

Chi Kung Miu (Red Building)


Man Mo Temple             Sheung Wan Map - 1

Between the junction of Hollywood Road and Ladder Street, is the Man Mo Temple. It was built in Ching Dynasty - 1847, dedicated to two deities, "Man Cheong Tai" (deity of Literature - sitting on the left ) and "Kung Tai" (deity of War - sitting on the right).

Actually "Man" stands for Studying and "Mo" stands for Martial arts. Normally for those would like to acquire wisdom and good results in their studies could make a wish whilst touching the golden hand with a pen in front of "Man" deity; those wishing to acquire righteousness or honesty should make a wish whilst touching the golden knife in front of "Mo".

This temple is never short of worshipers, offering incense and food to the deities especially during the first and the fifteenth-day of each Chinese lunar month, Chinese New Year, major festivals and before or after the school terms. The temple next door, houses different deities and Buddha(s).

It is well worth to look around, slowly witnessing the bustle and activities of the locals, or offering incense to the deities and make some wishes like the locals do. You never know "wishes may come true" !

Opening hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm every day. Open at 7:00am for some special days.

MTR-Island Line- Sheung Wan

Wing Lok Street  (around)           Sheung Wan Map - 3

(Ko Shing Street, Bonham Strand Street, Burd Street, Jervois Street, etc.)

To experience traditional Chinese life, the area around Wing Lok Street is the best place to explore; packed with shops selling herbs, dry food, tea, whole-sale shops, bird's nest, snake shops to name but a few. In this area many of the traditional, old Chinese Buildings do not give way to the skyscrapers but stand proudly side by side with them. It is worth a walk around, searching for this type of building and absorbing the interesting local life style.

MTR-Island Line- Sheung Wan

Herbs shop

Traditional Chinese Building

HK-Macau Ferry Terminal - Shun Tak Centre          Sheung Wan Map

If you have a day to spare, take an hour high speed Jetfoil to Macau from here. It is well worthwhile taking time to explore this place. Visa will be granted upon arrival.

MTR-Island Line- Sheung Wan


Wan Chai                      (D in map)

e Gloucester Rd.

Hennessy Rd.

g Johnston Rd.

h Queen's Rd. East

4 MTR - Wan Chai

Wan Chai is the home of "Suzie Wong", known for its rasping nightlife especially at the western end of Lock Hart Road and Jaffe Road, where pubs, discos and bars are located. During the day, it is worth a visit to the side roads between Johnston Road and Queen's Road East, where you can find street markets selling all types of vegetables and livestock, traditional Chinese pawn shops, old Chinese buildings, all sorts of small shops, factory outlets etc.

MTR-Island Line-Wan Chai

Hennessy Road

Traditional Pawn Shop

MTR MapTop

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Follow the sign when exiting from MTR, after walking pass the tallest building in Hong Kong (Central Plaza), you will reach the Convention Center. This is a massive sea-facing building which has the world's largest "glass curtain" (seven storeys high window). Go up to the 7th floor where a superb harbor view will detain you for a long time. The new wing with its distinctive roof structure was the location for the Hong Kong handover to China, which took place at midnight on the 30th June 1997. (see photo below - CC)

MTR-Island Line-Wan Chai

Arts Center

Located at 2 Harbour Road, a different variety of local and international exhibitions are sited in here throughout the year.

MTR-Island Line-Wan Chai

Museum of Chinese Historical Relics

Located at 29 Harbour Road Causeway Centre, it permanently exhibits China's cultural treasures.

MTR-Island Line-Wan Chai

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