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New Territories Map

Tsuen Wan

Sha Tin

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Fan Ling

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New Territories Map

1) Sha Tin

2) Fan Ling

3) Sai Kung

4) Tsuen Wan

5) Kwai Tsing

6) Yuen Long

7) Tuen Mun

One can explore most of the New Territories by bus, MTR, West Rail, Light Rail and East Rail (KCR).


Sha Tin                      (New Territories Map - 1)

Man Fu Ji (Temple of 10,000 Buddhas)     (East Rail: Sha Tin)

This is located about 320 meters up on the hillside of Sha Tin. It can be reached by climbing more than 4000 steps.

Steps leading up to the temple

Main Temple
In the middle of the main temple are three large buddhas ; a monk named Yuet Kai Fai Sei's golden body (founder of this temple) is in a glass case in front, together with more than 10,000 buddhas around.

Yuet Kai Fai Sei came to Hong Kong after the Second World War and built this temple compound with donations from generous locals. He died in a meditation posture at the age of 87 in 1965 and, according to his wishes; his body was exhumed after being buried in the mediation posture for eight months. The followers found that his body was in a good condition without deterioration, which implied he had already achieved his Buddhism way. The body was first lacquered, then gilded in gold and placed in a glass case.

Five-minute walk up-hill  to another temple building where the Heavenly Jade Emperor and deities are located. This is an interesting site that one should not miss.

Traditional Chinese house around the area


Transportation    (MTR Map)

From East Rail - Sha Tin Station, walk towards to the Bus stop terminal and follow the signs to go up the hill.

Art Gallery at the Institute of Chinese Studies

Exhibiting paintings, calligraphy etc.

Transportation   (MTR Map)

Take East Rail to Chinese University, a free shuttle bus conveys people up the hill to the university. Admission free.

Race Course - Sha Tin

Visiting one of the world's finest race courses in Hong Kong is quite an experience. One of Hong Kong's largest public parks, Penfold Park, is located in the middle.

Transportation       (MTR Map)

Take East Rail to Racecourse station, transfer from Sha Tin station or Chinese University station. (only operates on race days.)


Fan Ling        (New Territories Map - 2)

Fung Ying Sin Koon    (East Rail: Fan Ling)

This is a Taoist temple located on the hillside in Fan Ling with a unique design and craftsmanship.


Take East Rail to Fan Ling, the temple is situated by the Station. Look for its distinctive orange double roof structure.


Sai Kung                 (New Territories Map - 3)

Hung Shing Temple in

in Kau Sai Chau   

This is dedicated to a deity called Hung Shing located on the tranquil island of Kau Sai Chau near Sai Kung. This temple was built in 1889 and has been restored several times. In 2000, UNESCO presented the runners-up award (an outstanding culture and heritage restoration project) to this restored temple project.

You may have to spend a whole day here, visiting Sai Kung town and enjoying mouth-watering seafood dishes by the waterfront.

Transportation     (MTR Map)

Take MTR-Tseung Kwan O Line to Tseung Kwan O station, follow the sign to bus terminal, take bus to Sai Kung.

Tsuen Wan                 (New Territories Map - 4)

Yuen Yuen Institute         (MTR-Tsuen Wan Line: Tsuen Wan)

This temple is dedicated to Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. Chuk Lam Sim Yuen and Western Monastery are both situated within walking distance.


Take No. 85 Public Light Bus located at Shiu Wo Street after exit from MTR- Tsuen Wan Line - Tsuen Wan Station.

Sam-tung-uk Museum  

A restored 200-year-old 12-house Hakka farmer's family compound, set within defensive walls and now housing a folk museum.

(MTR Map)

Located in No. 2 Kwu Uk Lane - MTR-Tsuen Wan Line - walk to Exit E.

Kwai Tsing            (New Territories Map - 5)


Tsing Ma Bridge

At 2.2 km in length this is one of the world longest road-rail suspension bridge, linking Hong Kong International Airport to the main land. Go to Lantau Link Visitors Center or viewing Platform located at the northern end of the bridge in Tsing Yi to view this excellent structure and its two adjoining bridges.

(MTR Map)

Take a 16-seats green minibus No. 309M from MTR-Tung Chung Line, Tsing Yi station Exit A.


Yuen Long             (New Territories Map - 6)

Tai Fu Tai  

It was built in 1865 by a "Man" clan member, who was one of the scholar-gentry class. The outstanding design of this grey-colored brick wall together with beautiful porcelain, wood crafting, wall painting etc, will definitely need more film than you anticipated to photograph this extraordinary building.

(MTR Map)

Take No.76K bus from East Rail - Sheung Shui station to Yuen Long West.

Or Take West Rail to Yuen Long, then Light Rail to Yuen Long West.

Ping Shan Heritage Trail 

Tsui Shing Lau

Built in 1486, this is Hong Kong's only historic pagoda and is located in the Yuen Long area.


Tuen Mun               (New Territories Map - 7)

Ching Chun Koon (Temple)

This is a famous Taoist temple dedicated to the Lu Chun Yang, eight immortals and some deities.

In the main temple, a jade seal that is more than 100 years old, a 200 year old lamp and several 300 year old sculptures located around the altar. There are countless Bonsai plants display around  that one should not miss.

In here you can observe how the Chinese commemorate their ancestors; displaying their ancestors’ photographs so they can pay their respect at anytime, especially during the festivals.

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