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Outlying Islands Map

Cheung Chau  

Lantau Island & Map

Lamma Island

Lantau Island Bus Map

Outlying Islands Map

a. Peng Chau Island                   d. Lamma Island (Yung Shue Wan)

b. Lantau Island (Mui Wo)         e. Lamma Island (Sok Kwu Wan)

c. Cheung Chau Island

Outlying Islands Ferry

Outlying Island Ferry Pier is located in Central, Hong Kong Island.

There are more than 260 outlying islands in Hong Kong but only four islands, namely Lantau Island, Cheung Chau Island, Lamma Island and Peng Chau Island have appreciable residential communities that can be easily reached by ferry. Relaxing and peaceful when you are visiting these islands on weekdays but jam-packed during weekends and holidays.

Lantau Island MapTop

Lantau Island & Map

This is the largest island being twice the size of Hong Kong Island, but only has a population of about 30,000. The Hong Kong International Airport is located off the north west coast of the island and the famous Mickey Mouse kingdom, Disneyland, is also situated near the airport.

Exploring the mountainous walking trails, enjoying the un-crowded beaches or visiting the temples and fishing villages around the island is quite an experience.

Places of interest

1. Po Lin Temple

2. Lantau Peak (Fung Wong Shan)

3. Lo Hon Jin (Temple)

4. Tung Chung Fort

5. Kwun Yam Monastery

6. Mui Wo

7. Tai O

Lantau Island Bus Map

Po Lin Temple     Outlying Islands Map

Main Temple

At 26 meters high and weighing 202 tonnes, this is the world's largest Bronze Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama statue, sits peacefully on top of a lotus pedestal adjacent to the main temple. 

286 steps up to the top

The Buddha's hands symbolize 'Peace and Religious Freedom'.

The 164 segments of the statue were made in China and assembled on site; the total cost was about USD9 million which was donated by Buddhists around the world.

Memorial Hall displaying the Buddha's "Sariras" is located inside the Bronze Buddha.

Main Temple

Before walking into the main temple compound, a Happy Buddha (Maitreya Bodhisattva) with a big belly (representing great broad-mindedness) and wearing a sweet smile on his face (representing greeting people with a smile and treating others with generosity) is sitting at the center of the entrance hall; Wai Tou Po Sai is sitting behind, together with Four Heavenly Guards, two on each side, representing the Protectors for practitioners of Buddhism.

Three Buddha(s) and Kwun Yam Bodhisattva are located in the main temple.

Buddha's Hall

This new extension hall is located at the back of the main temple.

Dining Hall

Serving vegetarian meal.


From MTR-Tung Chung Line  to Tung Chung, take bus No.23 from the Terminal. (see Bus map)

Or via Cable car (Ngong Ping 360) from Tung Chung. (MTR-Tung Chung Line to Tung Chung, Exit B)

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Mui Wo         Outlying Islands Map

Silvermine Bay is located here. It only has a population of 4000 and offers a wonderful sandy beach equipped with water sport facilities.


Take a ferry from Outlying Islands Ferry Pier in Central to Mui Wo.

Tai O  

This is the largest town on the island with a population of 6600, mainly Tanka people who live in houses built on stilts above the water.


Take  MTR-Tung Chung Line to Tung Chung, then No.11 bus from bus terminal. (see Bus map)

Kwun Yam Monastery  


Take Tung Chung MTR to Tung Chung, then No.11 from bus Terminal. (see Bus map)

Use Oyster Card (transportation card) to pay for the bus-fare or have the right money, no change is given.

Do inform the bus driver your destination is Kwun Yam Monastery (In Cantonese is Kwun-Yam Gi), try to sit at the front part of the bus if you have a choice for the convenience to disembark. About half an hours ride, after passing the reservoir on the right-side, the bus goes up to the hill, after about five stops, inform the driver or ask fellow passengers for direction.

After disembarking, cross the road; walk towards Tai-O direction. When the font gate (photo below) comes into sight on the left hand-side, then cross to the other side of the road with care.

About 10 minutes walk after one enters through the front gate, then follow the concrete stairs which lead to an octagonal shaped traditional Chinese buildings, where the main temple is housed.

front gate

main temple

Main Temple
Kwun Yam Bodhisattva and 

18 Arhats are located on the ground floor in the main hall.

Kwun Yam Bodhisattva in main temple

Buddha's Hall

Climbing up wooden stairs from the back of the hall leads to Buddha's hall. Five Buddhas sitting on the circular altar with thousand small Buddhas arranged in circular alignment of the ceiling. (see photos below)

Buddha's Hall

Vegetarian lunch is served in the dining hall till 1:30pm.

From the Editor:  Information from Mrs. W. Ling (Canada)

Located near the dinning hall is a bronze plate crafted with 

'Tai-be-chow' in ancient Indian Sanskrit firmly concreted to the side of an octagonal stone-pillar. 

Be sure to bring along white paper and pencil to brass-rub the image, as it is an unusual script that is difficult to locate elsewhere.

(Kindly ask the office staff for their location)

One can take bus no.11 from Tung Chung to Kwan Yam Monastery first, then via bus number 21 to Po Lin Temple later. (No. 21 - last bus about 4:30pm).


Cheung Chau         Outlying Islands Map

1. Hung Shing temple

2. Pak Tai temple

3. Old stone Carving

4. Kwun Yam Temple

5. Kwan Kung Pavilion

Praya St.

A slow pace of life, no car zone and a quiet life attracts a large number of western residents. 

The ferry pier is located on the west side of the island; Tung Wan Beach is on the eastern side.

There is a week of religious ceremonies with children in traditional Chinese dress parading through the streets during Cheung Chau Bun Festival in April/May.


Take a ferry from Outlying Islands Ferry Pier in Central Hong Kong.

Places of Interest

1. Hung Shing Temple

2. Pak Tai Temple 

3. 3000 year old Bronze Age Stone Carving

4. Kwun Yam Temple - Goddess of Mercy Temple 

5. Kwan Kung Pavilion 

Praya Street - Main Street 

By the Sea front

Other Places

Side Street

No car zone

Tin Hau Temple


Lamma Island       Outlying Islands Map

1. Tin Hau Temple

2. Hung Shing Yeah Beach

3. Pavilion

4. Lo So Shing Beach

5. Ling Kok Shan - mountain (250m)

6. Shek Pai Wan

7. Mount Stenhouse - mountain (353m)

Yung Shue Wan

Sok Kwu Wan

About 40 minute ferry crossing from Central Hong Kong takes you to one of the most popular islands for holidaymakers. There is no shortage of hotels, resort houses, bars, restaurants and shops selling handicrafts. 

Spending half a day here sampling the mouth-watering seafood and observing the local life-style is highly recommended.

Take a ferry from the Outlying Islands Ferry Pier in Central Hong Kong 

either to
Yung Shue Wan or Sok Kwu Wan .

Yung Shue Wan (see map)

Yung Shue Wan Pier

Places of Interest

Tin Hau Temple       (see 1 on map)

Hung Shing Yeah Beach            (see 2 on map)

Pavilion            (see 3 on map)

Sok Kwu Wan     (see map)

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