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Wong Tai Sin 

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T Tsim Sai Tsui (MTR)

J Jordan Road (MTR)

Yau Ma Tei (MTR)

KCR East Rail (East Tsim Sai Tsui)

KCR(hh) East Rail (Hung Hom)

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The southern peninsula of Kowloon is the second largest urban area in Hong Kong. Main road, Nathan Road is about 4km in length, running through several districts; Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordan, Yau Ma Tai, Prince Edward, Mong Kok and up to Boundary Road. It is packed with shops, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, street markets etc.

By the water front (Kowloon)

Star Ferry (Kowloon)

It takes about ten minutes for the ferry to cross Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong, many famous landmarks including the clock-tower and the Hong Kong Cultural Center, which dominate the waterfront.


Clock Tower

Located near the ferry pier is the 45 meter high clock tower, a famous landmark, which used to be part of the Kowloon and Canton Railway station (moved a mile north from Hung Hom) but now stands alone in splendid isolation.

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Space Museum          (MTR: Tsuen Wan Line to Tsim Sha Tsui)

Situated behind the Hong Kong Cultural Center along Salisbury Road. It offers an Omnimax theatre, a space theatre and exhibitions. 

Take MTR exit to Nathan Road and walk towards to the water-front.

Ocean Terminal

Terminal for passenger cruise ships. It has over 100 shops on two levels, linking with the Ocean Center and Star House to form a huge shopping center. It is not uncommon for shoppers to spend several hours exploring the complex.


Peninsula Hotel

Walking into the world famous Peninsula Hotel, (midway between the underground exit and the Star Ferry) try to partake of their famous afternoon tea served in their Colonial style tea-room, such unique experience in a wonderful atmosphere should not be missed.

Colonial style tea room

Museum of History

Located at the corner of Chatham Road South and Cheong Wan Road, exhibits the history of Hong Kong dating from 6000 years ago to the present day.

HK Science Museum

Located at the corner of Science Museum Road and Granville Road, exhibits the technological and scientific progress in different fields of human activity.

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Nathan Road

Also known as the Golden Mile, this is the shopping center of Kowloon. Along here you will be approached by touts of all nationalities trying to sell fake Rolex watches, introductions to tailors, electronic and jewellery shops, restaurants and other indescribable delights. 

It is up to you how you deal with this situation but remember they are all trying to earn a living so a gentle 'no thank you' will get rid of all but the most persistent.

In this area you will find every possible shopping opportunity you can imagine from electronics to boutiques, jewellery to instant tailors, where you can have a suit made ready in 48 hours.

Nathan Road (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Nathan Road (Jordan)


Yau Ma Tei , Jordan , Mong Kok 

If you want to explore the local markets and smaller, but just as busy, shopping areas, take the underground to Yau Ma Tei, Jordan or Mong Kok. In each of these areas you will find shops selling all the goods you can buy but at more affordable prices.

There are open-air markets in many of the side streets where relatively cheap but serviceable clothing can be purchased; there are also specialist markets such as the Bird Market, Jade Market, Temple Street night market. It is best to ask for directions from your hotel first, if you want to visit any of these markets.

If you have time these areas are well worth a visit after dark. Some of the street markets and shops are open until late at night and, if you are really adventurous, there are hundreds of small restaurants where you can sample authentic oriental food. The only thing you have to fear is losing your way, which can be quickly remedied by hailing a taxi.

Note:- Beware of pick-pockets.

Wong Tai Sin Temple     (MTR - Kwun Tong Line - 9. Wong Tai Sin)

The temple is dedicated to the Taoist deity Wong Tai Sin, whom the people called "wishes come true". Packed with worshippers everyday asking for good luck in horse-racing, quick recovery from illnesses etc.

Name of the temple

How to make a wish with 'Chim'?

1) Make a wish.

2) Shaking the 'Chim container'. (numbers marked on each bamboo stick)

3) One stick ('chim') will fall out.

4) Get the corresponding number's detail of the stick ('Chim').

5) If you like, get someone to interpret. (a fee will be charged for such interpretation, do ask the price first.)

(see photo below)

incense pot

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Chi Lin Nunnery        (MTR - Kwun Tong Line - 10. Diamond Hill)

Located in Diamond Hill, is a Tong Dynasty style temple. One can see the differences when comparing with the traditional temple particularly their well-maintained bonsai garden.

Main Temple

Kwun Yam Tin

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