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Anderson Bridge (AB in map)      North of the river map

Cavenagh Bridge (CB in map)         North of the river map

Iron girder bridge imported from Scotland in 1868, named after Major General Orfeur Cavenagh, governor of the Straits Settlements (1859 to 1867).

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Elgin Bridge (EB in map)    North of the river map

Named after Governor General Lord Elgin of India, the original wooden bridge was replaced by an iron bridge, imported from Calcutta in 1863, then re-installed again in 1926 with a ferro-concrete structure.

Coleman Bridge (Cob in map)       North of the river map

Read Bridge (RB in map)                North of the river map

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Boat Quay    North of the river map

Full of restaurants and bars with indoor and outdoor dining and drinking along the river, at about 7:00 pm, this place will be jam-packed with locals as well as tourists.

City Hall (CH in map)       North of the river map

This was built in 1929, it now houses a number of government ministries.

Esplanade Theatres (ET in map)     North of the river map

Located to the right side of the Lion are the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, the design of the building resembles a durian, the king of fruit.

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Kuan Yin Temple (GOMT in map)          North of the river map

Located on Waterloo Street is the Kuan Yin Temple, which is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. Packed everyday with countless worshippers, some whom are offering respect whilst others may be requesting assistance from the Goddess by shaking bamboo fortune sticks (chim) to get an answer.

Bugis Street  North of the river map

There is no shortage of stalls, selling food, fruit and nick-knacks around this area. One will be busy looking here and there, and trying your best to load up your luggage. 

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Little India           North of the river map

Starting from the junction of Serangoon Road and Sungei Roads, one can experience the fragrances of curry powder, perfumes, Indian music, stalls selling garlands of flowers etc, signifying that this is Little India. 

The Zhu Jiao Centre located at the first block on the left, is one of the largest wet markets in the city, offering huge varieties of food, Indian textiles, antiques, brass goods, porcelain etc. 

If one needs to recharge one’s energy, go to the ground floor of the Sungei Road side, where there is no shortage of food-stalls serving Indian, Chinese, Malay and Western foods to choose from.

Merlion Park (MP in map)      North of the river map

A half lion and half fish looks out over the harbor, spewing water out from its month, is the symbol of Singapore tourism.

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Parliament House (PH in map)     North of the river map

This building was designed by George Coleman in 1827 for a wealthy merchant, and later sold to the government in 1841 as a courthouse for S$15,600. In 1870, an additional building was built for the Parliament.

A bronze elephant was gifted by King Chulalongkorn of Siam in 1871, it still stands majestically in front.

Raffles Hotel (RH in map)        North of the river map

Turn right into Bras Basah Road, towards the sea front and the hotel is located on the left. It was once a teahouse and home of a British sea captain. In 1896 the Armenian Sarkies brothers converted it into a hotel; during World War II it was a center for British refugees but later served as the quarters for Japanese officers.

When the war ended it was used for released Allied prisoners of War. It was rebuilt in 1991 and reopened as one of the most renowned hotels in the world.

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St. Andrew's Cathedral (SAC in map)         North of the river map

Located at the north end of St. Andrew’s Road, it was built in 1834, and rebuilt in 1862 after the original building was twice struck by lightening. This 12th century English Gothic style cathedral has an uncomplicated white interior surrounded by colored stained glass windows, together with numerous memorial plaques around the walls.

One should visit to experience the difference between this and the cathedrals in the west.

Supreme Court (SC in map)     North of the river map

A neoclassical grayish-white building adorned with Corinthian pillars replaced the renowned Hôtel de l’Europe in 1939.

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Art Museum (SAM in map)         North of the river map

Cricket Club (SCC in map)        North of the river map

It was founded in 1850, and was the main meeting place for the British community. Nowadays, it provides bars and restaurants for over 4000 multi-culture members as well as accommodating different sporting events.

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