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How to get there?


The most famous and beautiful attraction in China. It consist of a range of 72-peak in the south An Hui Province, 290 km. west of Hang Zhou.

Highest Peak

Lotus Flower Peak is about 1800 meters followed by Bright Summit peak and Heavenly Capital Peak. 30 peaks rise above 1500 meters.

Three routes to summit

1) Eastern Side - about 7.5 km journey and three hours to complete.

2) Western side - 15 km journey and takes about 10 hours to complete.

3) Cable Car - provides the quickest way to the summit.



Countless Painters and Poets have tramped around the range seeking inspiration, and bequeathing the peaks and scenery with inimitable names, such as Nine Dragons, Ox Nose, Fairy Capital etc.


It is best to stay overnight to appreciate such fantastic sight that can not be described in words.



Mountain peaks covered with a mantle of rising and falling "sea of cloud".


Twisted old pines resembling the small versions of Bonsai.





Exciting stairway


Stone bridge between mountains

The most important of all is having a moment of tranquility; calm and peace together with the breathtaking scenery, such views should not be missed.


Various Hotels are scattered around the summits.

How to get there?

**Do check out the up-to-date information via the official web-site

The nearest airport is in Tun Xi (Huang Shan Shi), frequent flights from Beijing, Hong Kong and other cities in China. 

Or join a tour in Hong Kong and the Entry Visa for Foreigners can be obtained via Travel agents. (Information for applying Visas, Accommodation, Transportation and Tours - see Business section - Additional Information)

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