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Yun Nan is the third largest home for 26 ethnic minorities.

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Tropical rainforest and icy Tibetan weather.

Sharing borders with Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Vietnam.

Capital City:  
Kun Ming


Yun Nan Map



a) Small settlement was founded in this area as early as 109 B.C., trading silver, salt, lumber, gold and silk.


 In the seventh Century, Bai (tribe) set up the kingdom of Nan Zhao, South of Da Li, dominating the trade route from China to India and Burma.


Fell to the Mongols in 1274.


10th Century it became the kingdom of Da Li.


During the Ming Dynasty (15th century), south west was finally integrated into the Province of Yun Nan


During the Ching Dynasty, the area suffered various campaigns, and was besieged by the Sultan (King) of Da Li. (1859 -1868)


In 1910, the French Indo-China railway line reached Kun Ming and the population gradually increased.


The town began to develop further after the people fled from the Japanese invasion in 1930.


Si Shung Ban Na


Situated at the southern part of Yun Nan, borders with Burma and Laos.

People and population:

More than 900,000 population of which 1/3 is Dai tribe, 1/3 Han and the rest are made up of 8 minority tribes.

Tropical rain forest weather.


The Dai tribe live in wooden houses, which are raised on stilts in the classic style with pigs and chickens living below.


Buddhist temples


People in Yun Nan

How to get there?


To Kun Ming - Frequent international flight from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore or Malaysia etc... Or Domestic Transit from Beijing, Guang Zhou, Shanghai etc.


To Dai Li, Li Jiang or Si Shung Ban Na - Frequent Domestic Flights from Kun Ming.


Or join a Tour from Hong Kong.

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