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Li Jiang

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Li Jiang Map

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Li Jiang Old Town

Yu-sui Cai 

Li Jiang Old Town by night

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Li Jiang

The Li Jiang is located at the northwestern part of Kun Ming about 40 minutes flying time or about 9 to 10 hours drive.


1.1million, the majority of which are the Na-xi tribe.

The Old Town:

The old town is interconnected by small streams or canals, network of narrow lanes lined with shops and restaurants, the traditional Chinese architecture design houses, the connected rooftops, the unique Na-xi tribe's language, 'Dong-ba' written characters and their culture etc.., this is the reason why on 4th of December 1997, UNESCO listed this place as one of the World Culture Heritage sites.

Na-xi tribe:

They are a matriarchal society, that is women work and earn money, the men have to look after the kids. In here, nice looking women called 'pound-gin-may' and men known as 'pound-gin-goa'. The word 'pound' means fat or chubby, which is a sign of prosperity and success.


Li Jiang Map


Li Jiang Old Town

The earthquake of 1996, a lot of the buildings surrounding the area of the old town were damaged, but not much damaged in the old town due to their traditional Chinese architecture design of the connected rooftops, however it has been rebuilt to its previous amazing character.

The unique characteristic of the stone laid lanes, over 350 bridges either stone or wood construction, narrow streets, traditional house design, connected rooftops, small canals swiftly snaking along the side of the lanes etc..., all of these are quite difficult to describe in words.

Do take a stroll around to absorb its indescribable beauty that one cannot find such unique place like this in the world.

By the entrance, one can find a large water wheel, a wall with Chairman Jiang Ze-min's calligraphy inscription as well as an area for visitorís to leave their messages.

water wheel

messages area


Tong-tai Jie - Street      A on map

Along Tong-tai Jie, a clear water canal swiftly running along the side of the lanes and shops on both sides selling different arts and crafts, especially their famous silverware. Surely, one will be needing more money and shopping bags.

air-dry pork



Si-fong Jie     C on map

The old town square, Si-fong Jie, is located at the end of Tong-tai Jie , where one can find a group of ladies in Na-xi tribal costume, who are performing their traditional dance, people taken photos of the local horse, tourist and the locals sitting around etc., one should sit around to experience and watch the world goes by.

Si-fong Jie (The square)

Scenery from the top-floor of Tong-ba Paper Factory

Walk up to the top floor of the Tong-ba Paper Factory to experience the connected rooftops of the town; that is located at the side of Si-fong Jie (The Square) by crossing the stone bridge.

Tong-ba Paper Factory

view of connected rooftops

back lane of Tong-ba Paper Factory

The view of the square


Li Jiang Old Town by night    B on map

Be sure to re-visit the old-town at night, as advised by Mr. Sung, one will certainly be surprised to find a different atmosphere, scenery in the Square, the roof-tops, the bars/restaurants along Xin-wah Jie - Street etc...

water wheel by the entrance



Stone bridge       D on map

Mu Palace    E on map

Traditional Chinese Buildings and court-yard, rebuilt after the earthquake in 1996.

Sam-yen well (Three wells)    F on map

The icy water flows directly down from the mountain, which is suitable for drinking.

The level of each well is different that the highest one is for drinking, the second is for cooking, and the lower is for washing cloths.


Yu-long Shan (Jade-dragon Snow Mountain) 

The mountain range has 13 sets of peak, stretching over 30km, each peak is about 5000 metres above sea level, and the highest peak is about 5596 metres.

One can reach the 4500 metres level via cable car, in order to experience the breath taking scenery. However one may need to purchase Oxygen canister from the hill-slope, just in case if one's body cannot cope with the thin air.

The mountain view from 4500 meters above sea-level


Yu-feng Jit (Jade-peak Temple) 

About 10km from Li Jiang is the Jade-peak Temple, where a 5.6 m high King of the Camilla tree is located, which was planted in between 1465-1487 (Ming dynasty).

It has 20,000 flowers when in full bloom during February to May each year.

The tree is still in good condition, due to dedicated effort from the 90 years plus old Lama who has been diligently taking care of the tree for years.

**From the editor:

It might be nice as a ' thank-you token' to donate some money to this Lama for his diligent hard work.

King of the Camilla



Hey-long Tan (Black-dragon Pool) 

This traditional Chinese garden (Jade Spring Park) located about 1km north of the city, where the Black-dragon pool is.

A photo of the mirror image of Jade-dragon Snow Mountain on the pool is an absolute must to take home.


The Black-dragon pool


Yu-sui Cai  

Yu-sui Cai is about five minutes drive from Yu-feng Jit, it is worth a visit.

Pai-sui Tan  

Located at the foot of Jade-dragon mountain, the icy water flows down from the mountain with its rich content of minerals that have an effect on the color of the water.


People in Li Jiang

Traditional house

Sitting room


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