Shao Lin

What is Martial Arts?

Martial Arts can be classified as an exercise together with learning Self Discipline, Control, Co-ordination of Movement, Focus, Principle, Manner, Respect for Others, Kindness and most important of all, learning to be "Patient".

Reason for - learning

Firstly ask yourself why you choose to learn Martial Arts?

Is it for:

"Health Reason", "Arts" or "Self-Defence"

Which style? - Picking the Suitable Style

There are many different Styles to choose from!

1) Soft Style 2) Medium Style 3) Hard Style

Let your "Legs" do the initial work. Go and join the class of your choice; decide whether this is the right style for you and how much confidence you have with the Instructor's way of teaching.

Do Remember

Learning Martial Arts does not make you INVINCIBLE. Whatever Style one chooses could train one to have better Discipline and Good Health. Learning "Self-Defence" is one thing, applying it to real life is another.

Do remember
not to apply Martial Arts to Street fighting.

Oriental Martial Arts

All Martial Arts are exercise for health benefit, sports, learning self control, discipline and self defence, which specialize in their own style.

Three major influences

1) China
Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Shao Lin, Wing Chuen, Praying Mantis, Hung Chuan, etc.

2) Japan
Judo, Karate, Ju-jitsu, Aikido, Kendo, Ninjutsu, etc.

3) Korea
Tae Kwon Do, etc.

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