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The origins of the Chinese abacus, still in use today.

How to use it for calculation?

Example: 6,647 + 1,868 = 8,515

Result 8,515

How to cultivate Bonsai?



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History, structure of Chinese scripts

How to write Chinese?

Calligraphy written by ... - Mr. R. Ip


Are your house and contents properly aligned?

Feng Shui Compass

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui for the year of Dog

Year of Dog

From 16th Feb. 2018 to 4th Feb. 2019

** Last modified: 5th Feb. 2018

Next update:-
5th Feb. 2019 for the Year of Pig

Feng Shui day

For your important events.

** Last modified: 10th July 2018

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Keep up-to-date with the Chinese festivals

Chinese New Year

Dragon Boat

Mid Autumn Festival

Chun Yang

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A prediction could help a person to plan ahead for commitments, avoid any possible unhappy event and uncover the potential success the month or year might bring.

Check your Chinese horoscope of the year

(Year of the Dog)

From 16th Feb. 2018 to 4th Feb. 2019

Year of Dog

Best of Health

** Last modified: 5th Feb. 2018

Next update:-
5th Feb. 2019 for the Year of Pig

Characteristics of each sign (Five elements)

Horoscope of each month

(6th Lunar Month)

** Last modified: 10th July  2018


What is Chinese Horoscope?

Check this out if you born in the month of January or February.

Compatibility with other signs

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This game is good for the brain.

Mahjong set

Have fun learning how to play mahjong

Details of winning and special hands

The fabulous costumes and face-painting used in Chinese Opera.


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Different varieties of Chinese teas.

What is alternative? (Introduction...)

Did You Know?
Infection by unknown virus.....

SARS, H5N1 or H1N1

Herbal remedy  
For some symptoms......

Ear Acupoints

Could help to activate related organs or reflex areas in order to improve health...

Hand Acupoints

Reflexology can improve your health.

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Cloisonné ware

Gold Foil Arts

Paper Cutting 1


Paper Cutting 2



Porcelain is an art of early Chinese invention.......

Artworks from Arts works from different Artists....

We are all Artists in our own way and our own style,......

Free Chinese characters


Fashionable & popular Tattoos in Chinese Characters.


Why not send someone a lucky word chosen from the list, such as Happy Birthday, Business Prosperity, good friend, prosperity, happy....etc...

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Business ventures between West and East.

Population and Nationalities of People

Top five Chinese Banks: World ranking and Assets. (June 2017)

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Tit-bits from the East




Lao Tzu

Sidhatta Gautama Buddha

More Information:-

Sun Tzu (The Art of War book)


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How to use chopsticks?

Beijing Food

Beijing duck

Cantonese Food

Hang Zhou Food

Shanghai Food

Dumplings - "Sui-lung-po"

Sichuan Food

Selected restaurants in China


Special dishes from...

Useful information

Exhibitions in year 2018


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Improve your health and well-being by learning Martial Arts.

Reasons of learning & picking the right style

Tai Chi

Shao Lin

Wing Chun

Famous sites in and around:


Guang Zhou


Hang Zhou

Hong Kong

Huang Shan


Yun Nan




Check this out - places of Interest..etc......

Tin-tan (Beijing)

Great Wall

Guang Zhou

Check this out - Capital City of Guang Dong Province

Gui-lin (in Guang-xi Province)

The famous city water system consists of two rivers and four lakes......

Hang Zhou

From The Editor:

Marco Polo described Hang Zhou as the most beautiful city in the world. We would like to dedicate this section to Junie Maggio & her two beautiful daughters Su Su & Cai Jin, for the marvelous job that Junie is doing.

Hong Kong

Kong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and Outlying Islands...

From The Editor:

We would like to thank Mr. R. Dibbs, Ms. T. Chu, Ms. A. Mok, Mr. M. Siebler, Mr. J. Sin, Ms. L. Mok, Mr. R. Cheung.... for their contributions to this Hong Kong section, that certainly helps the visitors to walk around and discover this renowned place  - "Pearl in the East" in depth, guarantee you will come back to Hong Kong again and again.

Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain)

Check this out - the most famous and most beautiful attraction in China.......


Yun Nan

Places like - Kun Ming, Da Li, Li Jiang, Si Shung Ban Na, Stone Forest, Jade-dragon Snow Mountain  etc. ....

Yun Nan - Li Jiang



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